A bit about Harley:

My name is Harley and I decided to start kayak fishing.

So a bit about my self…

We have been thinking of setting up a website for a long time to share our adventures and escapades. I’m the engineer, Builder, and fabricator of most of our projects. Although Jack is more than capable and normally involved where and whenever possible.

You will see in our “Kayak Build and Mods Section” what we get up to.

So… Where to start

Gender: Male (just about) and 5ft 6″

Addicted to fishing…

Addicted to fishing…

Carp, Pike, Catfish, Sharks, Tuna, etc… If it pulls hard I want to catch it! Freshwater or Saltwater

I have been fishing since I was 12 ish and am now. Ummm old er…

I’ve been fishing on and off since I started, going more and more, and constantly chasing the bites.

Mainly fishing for carp for years holding a UK PB of 29LB. In the last decade, taking a few fishing trips to France where my PB is 41LB.

I also started Catfishing on the odd occasion with my UK PB being 61LB.

Predator fishing on and off since I was around 16 with PB pike at 24lb and PB perch at 4.5Lb

I got more into the predator side of fishing over a few years between 2017 and 2020 after really struggling on a local gravel pit. The syndicate lake fishing holding some elusive monster carp, which evaded me to the point I gave up and realised it was stuffed with monster pike than no one even knew where in there.

A bit about Harley:

After a tip-off from a bailiff:

Disheartened and fed up, I decided to have a go at spinning. I was there anyway and it would help to pass the time.

First, 3 cast 10lb, 19lb, and a 24lb pike. Which smashed my PB of 12lb which I caught years ago river fishing. I decided to get all my dead baiting gear out, fishing the syndicate for the next year just for the pike.

This has resulted in my new UK PB being now 29LB from the gravel pit. Catching more pike than I could have ever imagined.

Since leaving the syndicated moving on, there have been reports of a 36LB and 39LB also being caught.

After a few people herd what I was catching and had ago themselves.

Really I should have continued to fish and try and catch them but decided to move on again and started kayak fishing.

Fishing for everything that bites from now on.

Planning to travel all around the UK and Europe kayak fishing.

All this once my kayak build is completed.

Including a mode of transport sorted to get travel around and sleep in.

Maybe a camper van project.

Targeting Carp and More:

I will be targeting Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, Rays Sharks, and many other species, all over the place so stay tuned on ProAnglerKayak.Fishing and watch this space…

We have loads of adventures planned.

I will be uploading posts and blogs as we go, although this will take time around work and family life.

In the future, we intend to manufacture and sell certain items.

Items will be available on proanglerkayak.fishing.

Items will be made to order.

I believe I can make better quality products at a very competitive price.

Items, Designed and Produced by the end-user meaning they have been tried and tested before selling.

Nearly all products related to this sport are American which means the UK gets ripped off with import taxes.

Also, most of these products all Badly made cheap rubbish (mostly).

(see Kayak Builds and Mods and Contact Us)

See below a very small selection of pictures. Hopefully, many more to come which will be in our new posts as, when or “IF” we catch them