A bit about Jack:

My name is Jack.

My dad introduced me to fishing when I was about 9, He took me float fishing at one of our local lakes. This sparked my interest in fishing. Since then, We spent a lot more time fishing together. We took 2 trips to France in my early teens where I caught my PB of 29¾ Lbs. My record in the UK was about 19Lbs if I remember correctly.

I spent most of my teens fishing with either Dad, Mates, or Myself mainly targeting Carp, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Perch Etc…

I took a bit of a break from fishing, In my early to mid-’20s. But here I am again now hooked on fishing once more.

Harley and I started kayak fishing in the summer of 2017. When we brought a couple of 8ft sit-on-top kayaks, (Best described by my Harley as “Crap”).

We bought these to start off and see what “it” was all about. The “ONLY” good thing about these kayaks was, That they would fit in the back of our vans and therefore not need to be strapped to the roof or need a trailer for transportation. After using them about twice! “They were that good”.

A bit about Jack:

We started looking for some proper fishing kayaks. Harley went “balls deep” like normal! And went in search of the most expensive kayak known to man. He brought a Hobie Pro Angler 14 in papaya orange (which I bought when he upgraded).


I went for another “step” up the ladder and not too crazy and brought an Ocean Kayak Big Game II.

Which turned out to be a fantastic kayak. I purchased it from Scotland from a nice guy who had a master’s degree in “bodge it” and “not having a clue what he was talking about”. Like I said nice enough guy.

So on the way back from collecting said kayak, We planned to stop at Windermere for a spot of fishing and a field test of the new yak.

(See Kayak Builds and Mods, Products Reviews and Fresh Water Fishing) for all related articles.

So after many, many, Painstaking hours of modifications and upgrading the Big Game II heavily (see Kayak Build and Mods) to a fantastic fishing vessel. It was ready for anything that could be thrown at it. I thoroughly enjoyed fishing from my big game II it was a great kayak.


Unfortunately, though, It did not tick one important box!!! This was being able to fish hands-free and still navigate around on the water.


Yet again my “Associate here” Mr “Buy first, think later” Rang me out of the blue and asked if I wanted a deal on the papaya orange PA14. To which I replied yes with a little hesitation (Or at least a little more thought, Than you will get from “you know who”).

I asked, “why”? (Not having a clue what was going on) and to my disbelief!. Harley had seen a new one online that morning and was already arranging to pick it up.

I’m now the proud owner of a PA14, Which is the best of the best. I will be doing a review on my papaya orange PA14 (See Product Reviews), also see (My kayak Setup) under the about me button.

I will also add (Kayak builds and Mods) for both kayaks. Please see these also.

****UPDATE WINTER 2021/2022***

So he did it again FFS… Harley went and bought another Pa14 this time a 360 drive 2021 camo green one.

I couldn’t resist and I brought Harleys PA14 MD180 Camo kayak with Raymarine Element 7hv fitted.

Time for some more epic trips and memory made whilst hopefully landing some beasts.

Watch this space…

Anyhow, This is a brief snippet of my journey so far.


Tight lines…

Thanks for reading …

Jack @proanglerkayak.fishing…

Kayaks by a wind farm
Clacton Wind Farm
Hobie Pro Angler 14 Papaya Orange & Ocean Prowler Big Game II
My Current PA 14 & the old Big Game II