Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home Build (Mattress no.2, trim, Edging, rear doors, Heating Digi Stat, Drawers, Storage, Varnish, Fake Grass Floor, Bits & Bobs)

Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home part 10:

As Im nearing the end of this build I had lots going on at once so the pictures might be better than the description.

After fitting the first mattress,

The “second mattress” which we had custom made turned up and was promptly test fitted in position.

It was a great fit and we were very happy as this had been a concern where ordering just how accurately this would be cut.

It was spot on the measurements we provided to the company manufacturing it.

Great job…

Sprinter Motor Home part 10:


As you can see I moved onto the rear doors soundproofing, insulating and chucking some carpeted trim panels for now.

I intend to change these in the future when I have time, but for now, these will do.

Once this was completed:

I moved back inside the living area and fitted some aluminium angle trim and wooden mouldings to try and make it look better where the edges were.

Moving on to the next job I completed the cladding in the toilet area with lights and switch.

Gave this 3 coats of varnish and left it to dry.

Made and installed an infill panel to go in behind the passenger seat box.

Fitted the Propex Digital Stat as the analogue one is shit.

I wanted to be able to set an exact temperature and let the heater do its thing.

The Digi Stat is a must-have and makes all the difference in the finish and working of the van.

Sprinter Motor Home part 10:

After a cuppa, I fitted my smoke and gas detector (VERY IMPORTANT).

Next day: I moved on to the taste of making storage drawers and finishing my shelf off.

I had a really hard time deciding how I wanted to finish the corner above my sliding door.

It’s an absolute bastard to fit anything over.

After spending ages scouring the internet for ages looking at what other people had done with there’s.

In the end, I decided to just stick loads of bits of cladding in.

Once dry shaping it all with an electric file. I was more than happy with the outcome once varnished.

By trade, I am an engineer

Having never done any serious woodwork in my life, I’m happy with the finish of the van so far…

I made an infill panel to slide in the rails under the rear of my yak.

This was so I can store things in this space without them disappearing or getting stuck in the rail system for my yak.

I gave this a coat of varnish and left it to dry then slid it into place.

Lastly (for this post),

I had the dilemma of what I wanted to go on the floor.

It needed to be hard-wearing, soft underfoot, warm, easy to clean, hard to mark and stain, mud and waterproof and not look shit.

I decided to think outside the box and went for expensive quality artificial grass.

It was an absolute nightmare to try and fit and cut in situ as I wanted it to be “one-piece” of grass.

I made a cardboard template for the floor including every nook and cranny of the area the grass needed to cover and when I was 100% sure it was right.

Laying the template on the back of the grass and cutting it out with some very sharp extra-strong scissors which were basically tin snips (ish).

Initial fitment of the grass was great and it was a perfect fit,

I couldn’t believe it. “HAPPY DAYS” I was very happy with this.

After much thought:

I also decided I didn’t want to glue the grass down.

Just in case I need to remove it for any reason. so I used 17mm screws and screwed the grass in position.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next instalment for the build.


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Thanks, Harley@Proanglerkayak.fishing

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