Lee Bay North Devon 31.07.2021

Lee Bay North Devon

After some long discussions with Barry Tucker and Felix Hay.

We set the location for our meet up. It was to be “Lee Bay North Devon”.

A few days before we were due to meet, we had a poxy storm come across Cornwall, Devon and Wales.

This was much to our annoyance and as such Felix decided the weather wasn’t good enough to warrant the long drive down to Lee Bay.

This turned out to be a good move on his part

I’m far too stubborn and once I’ve made plans I very really change them, so I decided to just head down and see what happens weather-wise.

Barry is only down the road so we decided to try and give it a go.

I made the journey across the country and arrived the night before.

Upon arrival, I dropped Barry a text to let him know I had arrived safely, checked in with the missus and got some sleep ready for the morning.

Waking to a reasonable morning to be fair, the wind was low and the swell looks ok.

Hobie Motor Home in Lee Bay car park
Hobie Motor Home in Lee Bay car park

The sun was in and out like a yoyo but it looked like it was going to be a manageable day on the water.

Barry arrived promptly in his Peugeot Partner.

Barry with his Pro Angler 12

Lee Bay North Devon

Like a ninja, Barry pulled his Pro Angler 12 down off his van roof and we got all the gear ready.

All geared up and ready to go, we made our way down the launching area on the beach.

There is a concrete ramp leading all the way down to low tide, which is really handy but it is very narrow.

My new Hobie Pro Angler Dolly had arrived the week previous and I was hoping to try it out.

Unfortunately, it was way too wide so I used the Trax 2-30 Cart with Sand Wheels.

On the Beach at Lee Bay

If you get here early there is loads of space in the car park.

The beach and surrounding areas are nice and clean and a great place for a family day out.

There are toilets apparently although I didn’t find them.

We had a bit of a safety chat and we launched the kayaks heading out onto the water.

Leaving the Bay behind us we made our way along the coastline to a couple of marks that were meant to be good.

It didn’t take long for the wind to pick up and the swell to increase.

This continued for the next couple of hours gradually getting worse.

Barry managed to get his anchor snagged which was the last thing you need in these conditions but he handled it like a pro.

We did everything we could in the condition presented to us that morning but the sea wasn’t having any of it.

I managed to land a couple of good size mackerel which meant “NO BLANK” so I was happy.

Mackerel landed
2nd Mackerel Landed


By this time the swell had gotten to the point where we both decided it was time to head for calmer water.

A few pictures from out on the water.


We headed back to shore which took far longer than we had first anticipated due to having to dodge the very large swell.

At some points, it was quite scary seeing both Barry’s Rudder and Mirage Drive out the water at the same time, with the Pro Angler sitting on top of a wave balancing in the middle.


The Hobie Pro Angler 14 handled the weather like a boss and proved once again that is at home on the salt as much as the fresh stuff.

I am increasingly impressed with just how great this kayak actually is.

About to Land back in Lee Bay

Lee Bay

We made it back to the Bay where the water was far calmer and got the kayaks up on the beach.

Dragged our kayaks back up to the vans and packed our gear away whilst discussing the day’s events.

Once dried and packed away, we sat and had a cuppa then got ready to depart for home…

As we were setting about packing up and getting ready to depart the weather got surprisingly better… (WHAT A SURPRISE)…

We did what we could with the hand we were dealt and got on with it as best we could.

You win some, you lose some. That’s the way it is in life.

It’s just a shame we don’t all have more time to get out more on the water.

Hopefully, this will change next year and we have a year of better weather but only time will tell.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day ( once back on dry land ) and had a great time meeting up with Barry.

Looking forward to the next meet and many great trips to come…

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Tightlines and thanks for reading…

Stay tuned for more coming soon…

Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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