LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

After the complete failure of the last trip to Lee on Solent to get a bit of Smooth Hound action.

NO BLANK, but complete failure on the target species.

After watching a lot of videos on YouTube and getting some advice to prepare for this return trip.

I knew the fish were there because everyone else and their dog had been catching.

On the previous trip, I had just been mega unlucky on the day…

So I organised a return trip bringing fellow Pro Angler Kayak fisherman Jack Oliver.

Dragging him from the depths of this pit, where he had been hiding for too long.

Out into the sunshine and fresh air, where he is at home on the water in his Papaya Orange PA 14.

We headed down the night before in my Hobie PA 14 Camper Van and stopped just up the road so we could be in the water at the crack of dawn.

I had done my research and got the bait needed to catch these awesome fighting fish.

This time I knew for sure would be different and we would be fighting these fish all day ( fingers crossed )

We got up early had a bit of breakfast and a cuppa then got the kayaks rigged for the day ahead. Heading down to the water around 5.30 am

Dragging the two PA 14’s down the Stoney beach to the water.

The water was millpond still in the morning, with the sun shining already. “I knew this was going to be a great day on the water”.

I checked the Navionics Charts on both my Raymarine Element 7HV fish finder and phone app

Getting the marks I needed and we steamed out to them in record time.

LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

Before we knew it we were at our first mark and dropped anchor.

I was using 2 Rods on squid baits and 2 rods on hardback Crab baits.

I got them ready and cast them onto the spots I wanted to try first.

Not long after being out, maybe only ten mins Jacks first rod was away and he was hooked up to his first Smooth Hound.

With the fish fighting hard and this being a new species for him and myself, we were stoked that they were biting so early in the session.

Jack played the Smooth Hound like a champ and within a few minutes, he slipped his net under the Smooth Hound.

It was safely onboard to be unhooked, say hi for a quick photo and back on his or her way to the bottom.

No sooner had he done this, his second rod was away and again he struck into another hard fighting fish.

Enjoying every second of the action and remembering he needs to spend more time out on his yak again enjoying life…

About 30mins later I finally got a bite on my right-hand rod which was baited with squid.

With no warning at all, it screamed off like it had been picked up by a steam train. I lifted the rod into my first Smooth Hound and sat back and enjoyed the fight.

LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

Shortly after I slid the net under the fish and lifted it safely onboard to unhook it and take a quick picture.

After safely returning the Smooth Hound back to the water my left-hand rod screamed off in the same fashion as before. I lifted the rod once again into a hard fighting Smooth Hound.

This action continued for Jack and Myself for the next hour or so before calming down.

We lost count of how many fish we had caught between us and we were enjoying every second.

See pictures below from the first half of my day out on the water.

Smooth Hounds.

After an hour or so of no action and time to reflect on the day so far, I decided it was time to move.

So we pulled anchor and moved to a new spot for the afternoon.

pulling up the anchor ready to move spots

We moved around a 1 mile to a new spot that looked promising on the Navionics Charts using the Relief Shading.

Once again we dropped anchor and got the rods back on our chosen spots.

Within 5 min I had a double-take and was into 2 Smooth Hounds at the same time.

This was great fun and also a massive challenge to try and stop tangles between rods and the anchor rope.

LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

Double hook up of Smooth Hounds

Double Hook Ups.

As the day went on the weather got progressively worse but was still very fishable and great fun.

Jack soon had a double hook up on Crab bait and I followed closely behind with another double hook up on Crab bait also.

Not long after this, my rod was away to a crafty Smooth Hound.

Who managed to flick my net out of its holder and I had to watch as it floated away, whilst playing the little shit that had help lose it.

Luckily Jack heard me shouting (lots of bad things) at this Smooth Hound and he detached his anchor and raced off after the next.

He returned it just in time for me to land the Smooth Hound safely.

I was very grateful for Jacks help as without him I would have been fooked.

The action went on all afternoon until the tide dropped right off and slowed down again.

The pair of us had been on the water just over 13.5hrs by now and still had a long drive home.

We used the break in action to justify heading in and getting on the road.

Both of us were knackered, worn out and exhausted from the day of fishing.

It had been non-stop, full-on Smooth Hound action.

Nearly all day and had been completely different from the previous trip I made alone.

These fish are incredible fighters pound for pound and great to catch.

They come with all sorts of amazing patterns and have the most beautiful eyes.

I decided on this day these would become a staple part of my kayak fishing and could not remember a day quite like it ever ut on the water.

Coming Back for More.

We arrived safely back at the car park and packed down our gear. Had a bite to eat and got on the road home.

Before leaving I ordered a second net for my return trip and some long net leashes (no more floaty away nets).

We had the most amazing time on the water and I’m already planning a return trip soon hopefully bigger and better than ever.

Check out my youtube video of the days fishing below:

CATCHING Smooth Hounds @ Salterns Hobie Pro Angler 14 Kayak Fishing WOW UK Shark Fishing LOOSING NET

LEE ON SOLENT 17.07.2021

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Tightlines and thanks for reading…

Stay tuned for more coming soon…

Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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