Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing 16.06.2021

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing:

After a long since my first blank here and the previous trip here being a great success.

I decided to return again.

This time with Jake Davison, it was the first time meeting Jake and we got on like a house on fire.

Jake Davison in his Hobie Outback Kayak

With some new knowledge from the guys, I fished with a few weeks ago.

Also, returning with my float rod and a new drop shot rod.

I also bought some rubber worms made by “Gulp” these look and smell just like real lob worms and come in some weird smelling oil.

We were hoping these would be the key to success on the Perch front at the Reservoir.

Boy was i right, this was going to be a day to remember…

First Perch of the session

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing

So I hooked up my drop shot rod with a fake worm about a foot from the bottom.

I set up my float rod with another set at about 5 feet under the surface hoping it would pick up a fish whilst floating around.

The 1st perch of the session above came on the drop shot rod bouncing along the bottom as I drifted in the wind.

Shortly after this, the float rod went under and a fish was on…

Little did I know this was to be a new species for me.

New Species Landed RAINBOW TROUT.

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing

With a flash of silver, a Rainbow Trout came to the surface.

I couldn’t believe it “wicked” I shouted.

Mega chuffed with this new species, I had no idea if it was a good size and I couldn’t care less.

From then on I knew today was going to be a great day on the water…

We then moved across the Reservoir still on the upper half and concentrated on catching some Perch

2nd Perch of the Session

With a few flicks of the drop shot rod I felt a bite and the rod bent right over…

Landing a NEW PB Perch i was super stoked.

After a pic and quick return i got Straight back to it.

3rd PERCH of the Session

Another Perch landed and safely returned to the water.

Followed by another and another. I couldn’t believe it…

What a day so far…

4th Perch of the Session
5th Perch of the Session

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing:

After landing my 5th Massive Perch and the RAINBOW TROUT.

I decided to move down through the tunnel and into the lower half of the Reservoir.

Time for some Pike fishing…

Now was the Pike fishing going to be as good as the Perch fishing had been so far…

1st Pike of the Session

Special Lure:

Didn’t take long to get a take on the “special lure” from the last session.

Quickly followed by another straight away only yards from the first.

2nd Pike of the Session

Could this day be any better??


So after heading round the next bend, I made a cast and hooked into another Pike.

3rd Pike of the Session

The fishing today was amazing and getting better with every knock on the rod.

4th Pike of the Session
5th Pike of the Session

I was now at 6 Pike and 5 Perch and a Bonus Rainbow Trout.

On cloud nine I wasn’t heading home any time soon and carried on casting away in all the “Pikey” looking spots.

With another crank of the handle “BANG”, Another Pike was on and the fight begins again

6th Pike of the Session

I decided after landing 6 Beautiful Pik,e I would head back up to the first half of the reservoir.

Time was ticking past and I didn’t want a mad rush to get back to the van at the end of the day.

I got back to where the perch had been biting previously and chucked another gulp worm back out on the drop shot rod.

Within seconds it was away and another massive reservoir monster Perch was on.

After a short battle, it was landed safely.

6th Perch of the Session
6th Perch safelt released

Monster Perch !!!

This 6th perch was an absolute monster, at 46cm on the measure board.

I was over the moon and this was going to be a day to remember.

With another cast and the float on the float rod drifting around in the wind, i knew another bite wasn’t far away.

I was right and away went the drop shoot roid again, whilst landing this one and getting it in the net the float went under and another fish was on.

Whilst the 7th Perch was in the net safekt waiting for a picture i landed the 8th perch.

7th and 8th Perch Landed

I returned them to the water safely, in a timely fashion and got the rods back out gain.

9th Perch of the Session

The rod was away again landing the 9th perch of the session.

With this Perch, it was time to head home.

I started reeling in and BANG away it went again I couldn’t believe it…

This time it was a pike and on the drop shot rod, it was great fun playing it to the net.

7th Pike of the Session

After safely landing and returning this beauty we finally packed up and headed back to the van.

I couldn’t believe how good the day had been.

Jake had caught some wicked fish as well and we were both super stoked with how good the day had been.

Beyond all expectations and more to be precise.

Jake with a New PB PERCH

We will be returning again soon for another epic day on the Reservoir.

Thanks for reading…

Stay tuned for more…

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Thanks again Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing

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