Selsey Kayak Fishing 12.06.2021

Selsey Kayak Fishing: 12.06.2021

After a few attempts to organise a trip out on the salt with James Roberts aka “The Yakler”.

We both managed to come up with a date we had spare for a fishing trip.

I headed down the night before in my Hobie PA14 Camper van.

Stopping just up the road, as it’s a 3.5hr trip for me and we wanted to get on the water nice and early.

Waking to my alarm and a decent morning “weather-wise” which looked really promising.

Quick breakfast consisted of some porridge and a cup of tea whilst waiting for James to arrive.

James arrived ahead of time and we got all our gear out and started rigging the kayak for a days fishing.

Once we were ready we headed down the road a short distance to a very slim entrance to the launch ramp and beach access.

slim access to the beach and launch ramp

Unfortunately for me and James, my Pro Angler 14 is wider than the gap.

This is highly annoying, as there is no need for the entrance to be this small.

It means I (and many others) cant head down to this spot on our own as you need someone to help lift yak over the gate.

I swiftly unloaded all the gear that I had only loaded 5mins before 100yards up the road.

We then lifted my Pro Angler 14 through the gap.

Selsey Kayak Fishing 12.06.2021

This is ok in the morning.

After a long day on the salt would be interesting, to say the least on the return journey.

lifting heavy yak over the gap to launch ramp
reload all the gear and head to the water

Once over, it was time to reload my gear once again back onto my yak and head down the launch ramp to the water.

The launch ramp is fairly steep and can get slippery underfoot in places so care needs to be taken here.

At the bottom getting in the water is easy and there was hardly any surf at all to get on the water.

James explained where we were heading to and after a radio check, we headed out to the mark we were going to be fishing.

We were heading about 2 miles out to a mark he has fished before.

Selsey Kayak Fishing 12.06.2021

Be very careful fishing this location as the tide runs through extremely fast and can easily catch out the most experienced anglers.

We made good progress getting most of the way out and stopped to catch some fresh bait.

Mackerel was the target for this, so I tied on some Sabikis and started the search for a shole of mackerel.

I finally found a few odd mackerel dotted about and got them in the yak.

By the time we had caught some fresh mackerel (which took longer than we anticipated) the weather had changed.

The wind had picked up and the swell had increased quite a bit.

We decided to stay a little closer in and I followed James to a different location.

I dropped the anchor and baited the rods.

Time to sit and wait for the first fish to bite…

I wondered what it would be…

It didn’t take long for the dogfish to start biting, one after the other they were swiftly landed and returned to the water.

Then to my surprise were 2 small conger eels one after the other.

These were a new species and added to my catch list “HAPPY DAYS”

I lost count of how many dogfish were landed, I lost count.

small conger eel
larger conger eel

Conger Eel

After hooking and landing the two conger eels we moved spots.

We headed for some flatter ground looking for rays to fishing the day out.

James snapped his anchor rope, trying to retrieve his anchor which had wedged itself firm in the seabed.

We decided to save the rest of the afternoon by him tethering to my PA 14 and seeing if my one much larger anchor would hold us both.

It did and it did it well, we were both impressed with the hold of my 3.5kg anchor.

This was my first time using this particular anchor setup and it passed with flying colours.

After some waiting and the weather deteriorating further, my rod bent over slowly and I hooked into what turned out to be my new PB Thornback Ray.

I was chuffed, to say the least, and this made my trip even better and one to remember.

Not long after I landed my Thornback Ray.

James hooked into a massive Undulate Ray which was beautiful and a great catch.

Well done mate, Wicked.

James Roberts aka The Yakler with his Undulate Ray

Well done mate, Wicked.

He was chuffed with his catch as well.

The weather meanwhile, had been getting progressively worse and we had enough for one day.

Trying to pull up my new heavy anchor proved to be interesting, to say the least.

I will get used to it and the pros out weight the cons of having a bigger heavier anchor.

Pulling up the anchor in the chop

Once the anchor was stowed safely on board we headed for land in a quick fashion.

Once back on dry land we had the fun job of getting my Hobie Pro Angler 14 back over the bastard gate.

After a long day on the salt fighting the conditions, Me and the small gate were not getting on as well as we had in the morning when we launched.

After that last obstacle was conquered, we pushed the kayaks back up the road to our vehicles and packed our gear away whilst having a chuckle about the day’s events.

I had a wicked day on the water with James and can’t wait to do it all again.

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Tightlines and thanks for reading…

Stay tuned for more coming soon…

Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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