Lee on Solent Salterns 08.06.2021

Lee on Solent Salterns.

A quick post on my Morning trip to Lee on Solent Salterns.

So I decided to head down to salterns car park at Lee on Solent and target the Smoothounds.

I left mega early and started the 2.5hr trip down to Salterns Carpark.

The drive was ok and there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road this early.

I arrived around 6 am and swiftly got all my gear ready and the PA14 setup ready for launch.

It’s a short walk from the car park to the sea on reasonably hard ground and stones.

I launched onto a millpond still ocean, with the sun coming up fast.

It was going to be a hot day and the wind was to pick up by lunchtime.

I paddled out around 1.5miles heading for deeper water.

Which I later found out, was way too far.

Anyway, I baited up some squid as I didn’t have any hardback crabs.

I also, put some feathers on for some fresh Mackerel if any were passing by.

It wasn’t long and the rod was away.


Lee on Solent Salterns

It was a small dogfish.

I then caught a few mackerel.

One of which I used for live bait in case anything bigger was swimming around out iint the deeper water I had headed for.

The rest were going home for the freezer and future bait.

Shortly after that, the wind picked up and the flooding tide brought with it piles and piles of seaweed.

As soon as the rig hit the bottom it would get covered in weed and this became a massive pain in the arse.

With midday fast approaching, I started to get very frustrated with the seaweed.

I couldn’t believe this far out how much weed was floating around.

Soon after this I gave up and headed back in as the wind got worse.

I will be returning soon with some hardback crabs and fishing closer in on a spot a local showed me on the avionics relief shading.

Hopefully, there will be less seaweed as well.

Only time will tell and the only way to find out is to return and try again.

Still, I didn’t blank…

It was still nice to get out on the water and try a new spot and see what’s biting…

Thanks for reading…

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Thanks again and stay tuned for more fishing action…

Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fising…

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