Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing 04.06.2021

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing.

So as the weather is picking up and the sun has finally been making an appearance I decided it was time to plan another day on the water.

The aim for the days fishing: To target Pike and Perch on hard and soft lures.

Arriving early way before the gates opened, I parked up behind another kayak fisherman and a friendly face who had arrived just minutes before myself.

We had a chat and waited for the gates to open at 7.30 am.

The gates opened by a friendly ranger and we drove down and parked up by the edge of the reservoir where we could launch straight into the water.

It was a lovely morning, it wasn’t too hot nor cold and we had some clouds in the sky hopefully making the Pike fishing a little more productive.

We got set up whilst another two kayak anglers turned up completing the party of 4.

Once setup we swiftly made it onto the water and made our way across the top end of the reservoir.

The guys I were with are very experienced on this water and immediately knew where the big Perch where hiding.

They were catching massive Perch on their drop shot rods using little imitation fish and bugs.

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing

I however did not have a drop shot rod nor have I ever tried fishing using this method. So I had a lot to learn and take in for my return to smash the gigantic Perch hiding in the reservoir depths.

Straight of the bat, the other 3 kayak anglers were pulling Perch out like i had never seen before and they were having a great time doing it.

I fished for around two or three hours without a knock, casting hard and soft lures of various size, shape and colour with no luck at all.

By this time the other 3 were on the move and we headed down the reservoir into the middle section where my luck started to change!!!

First pike of the session

Once we had moved down I changed to a new lure I hadn’t used before and all of a sudden the bites were coming thick and fast.

second pike of the session

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing

Within 5 mins I had landed 2 Pike.

I was well chuffed my luck had changed. I decided to stick with this “lucky” lure and from there on the fishing just got better.

3rd pike of the session

Pike and Perch Reservoir Fishing

The Pike fishing was great and I was having a wicked time.

I love catching Pike they are one of my favourite fish to catch in the UK.

I will be heading back here again soon I think.

What the Perch??

4th bite was on and was fighting different from the first 3.

I wondered what I had hooked??

I was soon to find out a Perch that was clearly very very brave or starving hungry had tried to take a lure nearly the same size as it!!!

Hungry Perch

So I had caught 3 Pike and a decent Perch I was super chuffed!!!

I wondered if the day could get any better???

4th Pike of the session

Another Pike took the “lucky” lure and was soon in the Yak for a photo.

5th pike of the session

Soon after another Pike took the lure and was landed safely.

6th and probably smallest pike of the session

With the 6th bite came the smallest pike of the session but they are all welcome in my book and every fish is better than none.

After returning the 6th Pike safety, I got a massive hit on my lure and a decent Pike was on.

Yes, this was what I was searching for…

Fighting like crazy and leaping out the water with speed and grace. I got the beast to the side of the kayak getting ready for the net.

Now I have caught some decent size pike in my time and this was easily a 20lb fish.

Would you believe my luck 2 feet from the net with a hard shake of its big toothy head it chucked the lure back at me with such force it imbedded its self in the hoody?

I wasn’t overly impressed with this but hey that’s life when pike fishing.

I persevered and carried on hoping to hook another big momma.

7th and last pike of session

I soon got another knock as I worked my way back up to the top of the reservoir to head in for the day.

Another little Pike landed and returned safely with a splash and swish of its tail.

So for the day on the reservoir where I thought I would likely blank…

I caught and landed 7 Pike and one nice fat Perch.

One big one got away but there’s always next time and there are some huge fish in the reservoir, so I will be back with a drop shot rod for the monster Perch as well.

All in all, I had a great day and this has fast become one of my favourite Pike and Perch venues and I hope to spend a lot more time here in the future.

Thanks for reading… Don’t forget to check out the video of the trip on YOUTUBE.

Stay tuned for more…

Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing

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