Porthoustock Cornwall Fishing 29.05.2021

Porthoustock Cornwall Fishing:

After lots of work and no play.

“We” (Me and the other half) Decided we needed a weekend away.

So we loaded up the Mercedes Sprinter twin Hobie Pro Angler 14 Motor Home and headed off down to Cornwall.

I decided we would spend a few days at Porthoustock Cornwall right by the water.

We left Friday afternoon and drove all evening and into the night.

Traffic was terrible and we didn’t arrive at Porthoustock until 2.30 am in the morning.

I was completely knackered come Saturday morning and ended up spending the day with the family on the beach.

Sprinter and PA14 on the Beach

The weather was fantastic, and I assumed that it would continue as such.

I finally decided to launch around 5.30 pm and head out to the Manacles for an evening session.

The water was fairly choppy but not too bad and was manageable whilst I headed out.

I headed straight out to the edge of the Manacles.

After anchoring up in 98ft of water and set the rods up.

I baited one up with some fresh Mackerel and one with feather for fresh Mackerel or Sand Eels

The rods weren’t in the water long and I had a small bite on the feathers.

I reeled in and found I nice size Sand Eel on the line.

After setting up a sliding float rig and hooked the Sand Eel on as live bait.

Large Sand Eel

Porthoustock Cornwall Fishing:

Another large Sand Eel

After hooking another large Sand Eel which I put in the live bait well.

I put the feathers back down to see what smaller baitfish were down below.

Not long after that, the baited Mackerel rod bent over a nice size Dogfish was swiftly landed.

Dogfish landed

I dropped the rod back over the side and a short time later the rod with the feathers on bent over and another fish was on.

Small Pouting

It was a small Pouting and a welcome fish as the fishing had been quite slow till now.

I dropped the rod back over the side and immediately it was off again with another small Pouting landed.

2nd small Pouting

This one was like a Jack in the Box and was adamant it didn’t want its picture taken, it flopped around all over the place.

Flying Pouting

Flying Pouting

I eventually got hold of it and took a quick pic and return the little Pouting safely. #catchandrelease

It was quiet for a short time after that and I still hadn’t had any action on my live Sand Eel bait.

After 30mins or so the baited Mackerel rod bent over and I was into another fish.

2nd Dogfish

It was another Dogfish and was very welcome.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t managed to seek out something bigger but that’s fishing.

By this time the weather had changed and the wind had picked up.

The swells had gotten very large and were tossing my PA14 around all over the place.

After having a think I decided to head back in for safety reasons as I was out fishing by myself.

Swiftly I reeled in the live Sand Eel and returned it safely to fight another day #catchandrelease

The next morning the wind picked up and was worse than the evening before.

So Sunday I didn’t even launch I just sat in the sun with the family and chilled out.

All in all, I had a great weekend away and will be returning later in the year.

Hopefully, the weather will be on the side and some bigger fish will be caught.

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Harley @ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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