Clacton Launch for Rays 01.05.2021

Clacton Launch for Rays:

So Spring is here…

I think??

The weather this year so far has been rubbish, to say the least.

But with a break in the rain and wind and the Sprinter, Hobie Twin Camper basically finished YAY!!! ( it has literally taken forever…)

We decided to head out and see if we could catch a few rays and see what other fish we could land whilst we had the chance.

I was planning on the maiden voyage in the new camper trip being a grand event heading off into the unknown, ill-prepared and making it up as I went along. This happens to be my speciality and I have become very good at this.

Anyhow luckily (for me), we decide to go local this time due to work commitments and the weather etc.

So we launched from Martello Tower ish about 6:30 am and headed out to a “deeper” spot I had located on the Navionics charts.

The water was flat, the sun was shining and the wind was calm.

What a great day to be out on the water.

We paddled out to the mark on the Navionics chart which was around 2.5 – 3 miles out, with the calm conditions it didn’t take long to arrive on our marks.

We made sure we were happy with our spots and dropped the anchors in around 32ft of water, got our rods set up and baited the hooks.

My rod had literally been in the water two minutes if that and away it went.

“We’re in for a good day here,” I said to Jack.

Jack replied “sweet” as he cast his first rod out on a nearby spot.

The dogfish were out in force, which for most is an issue. But for us, we were happy to be catching finally after so long getting our kayak fishing outfit up and running.

We caught dogfish, whiting, pouting, a couple of fish I could not name.

Clacton Launch for Rays:

Before we go any further…

Id, like to point out. This is the point in the trip where all my electronics and cameras started playing up and cutting out…

I was massively unimpressed, but there was nothing I could do at this point out on the water. So I made the most of it and kept fishing.

The images are pretty poor but they are the best I could salvage from one Go Pro that kept cutting out and didn’t want to record and my Garmin Virb 360 which had salt all over the lense and I didn’t realise.

These issues have already been fixed ready for the next trip…

But at least we were on the fish…


Finally, after a couple of hours or so, the Rays turned up.

Thank God, because the weather at this point had started to turn.

The wind had picked up, creating some very choppy conditions and the tide was running so fast our anchors wouldn’t hold on to the soft sandy bottom.

NOTE: Again the anchor issue has also already been rectified. This won’t be happening again.


Anyway so the rays were biting and we were in. I even managed a double hook up of good size thornback rays.

I was well Chuffed…

No blanking and catching the target species… HAPPY DAYS…

Clacton Launch for Rays:

Finally, the Rays are Biting…

Nice Thornback Ray on the yak

All in all, we caught a decent few rays. I would have loved a few more or a whopper, but overall it was a good session.

I did have a couple of really good takes, but the hooks on the rigs I was using were not up to the task and bent open TWICE.

The last time I use shop-made cheap rigs, I have now started making my own rigs. Just like I do for course fishing.

The next monster I hook won’t be so lucky…

Around 2 pm the weather started to seriously deteriorate at a rapid pace. Until I called it and we headed back in. We hit the sandy beach around 16:30 pm which wasn’t a bad session and we had been on the water a good while.

Time to plan for the next trip…

Stayed tuned and Thanks for reading


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