So this is just a quick post to show people the upgrade i have completed on the 5v battery box which feeds all the action cameras on my Camo Hobie Pro Angler 14.

It will be powering 2x Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Editions action cameras and 1x Garmin Virb 360 action camera with constant power.

All-day filming with no mucking about changing batteries on the water, missing fish and vital parts of your day because the battery has gone flat halfway through landing your new PB. No more condensation in the cases as they don’t have to be opened.

If you look at the original post here

You will find everything here to build your own box.

The original build was constructed using two 10AH lithium-ion batteries linked together. Giving me a total of 20AH of battery power to feed my cameras.

It would power the cameras all day for a long weekend of 3 days no problem at all.

But as with all cheap batteries they have come to the end of their life. They are not holding a full charge properly any more.


Time for an upgrade…

old pair 10ah batteries on left NEW PAIR 20AH BATTERIES ON RIGHT


So as you can see in the above image:

The old pair of 10ah batteries on the left-hand side and the new pair of 20ah batteries on the right-hand side.

This will give me a total of 40ah of power to run my cameras.

These batteries made by POOVER. They are better quality, using better lithium-ion packs and components and are also much more expensive. They should last a lot longer than one previously installed.


So will these batteries the cables that come soldered on are the same as the ones on the last pair of smaller batters.

All I have had to do to make them fit is to remove the outer shrink wrap from the two ends of the battery. Remove the protective card layer and card the packing down slightly to get them to fit in the Peli Case.

These batteries always have room to spare in the ends so cutting 5mm off and then taping them back up won’t do them any harm what so ever.

Trimming Battery casing

I just trim off the amount required from the ends. put the cardboard layer back in place and wrap with a few layers of insulation tape.

Whilst I had the end of with the circuit board in for controlling the battery cells. I removed the charging leads from the circuit board. these are soldered in exactly the same place as the discharge plugs.

I charge and discharge from the same sockets. So I also removed these as they were not necessary. They will just get in the way in the Peli Case as it is now stuffed to the brim with batteries.

After the trimming and removal of the cables. I put the cardboard layer back in place and wrap with a few layers of insulation tape.

Job Done…

Place the batteries in the box with some protective foam and plug them in.

Give them a full charge and away you go.

Now the battery box has 40AH of 12v DC power.

This will be used to power all the action cameras on my Camo Hobie Pro Angler 14.

I’m hoping I will get around 5 days at least filming on with all three cameras running all day. 7 days would be even better.

once I have done a few real-world tests.

I will report back with my results.

Until then…

Tight lines…

Harley @Proanglerkayak.fishing

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