Summer evening fishing:

Camo Pro Angler 14 and Davids yak ready to launch

Whilst on a trip away in Cornwall this summer.

My self and Mr David Stewart went out for a few hours fishing whilst the weather was nice.

The weather whilst we had been in Cornwall had been up and down like a yo-yo whilst we were there.

We were in St Austell Cornwall on other business
. We had taken our kayaks down with us in the hope we could get out on the water for a few hours which we eventually did.

David has never been sea fishing from his kayak before. So we started off with a short trip 3 hours-ish and not too far from shore.

I lent David one of my Okuma boat rods and Penn fishing reel to use. As well as lures mackerel tinsels and unhooking gear.

Summer evening fishing:

He has done a little freshwater fishing with me before so had a good understanding of the basics.

We headed out around 5 pm against the incoming tide and drifted around with the tide. I did not want him getting tangled up in his or my anchor so these were left in the truck.

We caught a good few fish between us, Mainly mackerel but other species were on the hunt and landed nearly every time.

The sea bed in the area around Porthpean is very flat and mainly sandy/muddy, with a mostly featureless bottom. So not the ideal place to be fishing but plenty of small fish still come in around the coastline with the tide.

Just getting out on the water was nice and landing a few fish regardless of size was great.

We drifted with the incoming tide until high tide came around. Then drifted out with the tide for an hour or so before heading back to Potrhpean beach and loading up the kayaks ready to head back for some hot food and a nice shower.

Stay tuned for more sea fishing action here at Proanglerkayak.fishing


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