St Ives Harbour

St Ives Harbour:

St Ives Harbour

Cornwall’s St Ives Harbour is a beautiful place and one of my personal favourite places in the UK.

It is located right in the heart of St Ives, which was built around the harbour back in the good old days of English fishing and trade.

St Ives harbour

It is a wonderful picturesque old fishing town mostly unchanged in the old part of the town.

The sand is golden, the water is calm and clear and the town is generally kept very clean.

The huge amount of people who flock here every year for the holidays in the sun.

There are a great place to eat and drink and loads of great shops.

Trying to get a place to stay here can be ludicrously expensive due to the number of people from London, who all seem to have money to throw away.

Harbour car park


You will need to arrive very very early to get a space in one of the car parks here at St Ives.

I personally recommend Smeatons harbour car park located below:

Smeatons harbour car park

I always arrive super early to get a space. I would advise this being a place to launch from where you need to fish in a pair due to how busy it gets here.

You will want to chuck all you gear out by the harbour access ramp.

Which runs down from the road that runs around the seafront down to the sand.

Then quickly park your car.

You will want someone with the fishing gear and kayak whilst you park up.

Parking is £13 all-day.

Which is pretty reasonable considering where this car park is located and how few spaces there are in the town.

St Ives harbour

Get to St Ives Early:

Most of the year, but especially when the weather is nice.

The town soon fills up and the beaches will be teaming with people.

Be aware if you launch early when you return back to harbour. Unless you stay out “all day” until the evening loading back up is a challenge.

Even more so, between about 9 am and 6 pm-ish where the “PUBLIC LAUNCH RAMP” is filled with vehicles of a few companies running crumming boat rides and hire.

They seem to think this is “THEIR RAMP BUT IT IS NOT”.

Make them move their vehicles and inconvenience them at every possible opportunity.

Maybe one day they will park there rusty 4×4’s somewhere else.

Boats in the Harbour

The tides seem very quick to change here in the harbour. The water always seems to enter the harbour and fill up very quickly.

Watch out for the fishing boats when using the harbour.

There are a lot of active fishing boats leaving and entering the harbour every day.

Overall if you make the effort to get here early and launch.

This is a wonderful place for everyone young and old and fishermen and women alike.

I come here at least once a year every year.

Yes, it’s the same old!!! but there is something about this place that keeps you coming back.

If you walk along, Smeatons Harbour car park or the sand alongside it.

You will meet some of the local seals that call this harbour their home they are very friendly so don’t panic.



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