Porthgwidden Beach St Ives Cornwall

Porthgwidden Beach St Ives:

This is a small clean beach with golden sands just round the corner from St Ives’s main harbor at the bottom of the hill from The Island Car Park.

Porthgwidden beach st ives
Map of Porthgwidden beach

Based in the very very busy little town of St Ives Cornwall, this is a prime destination for holidaymakers so for 9 months of the year its rammed full of people and is a bustling bust town.

Golden sand

Porthgwidden Beach St Ives:

There is lots of golden sand for everyone to sit on. There is a little shop selling hot and cold food and other bits.

Porthgwidden beach view

The water here is usually clam, so launching will not be a problem. Most of the water around St Ives is lovely and calm and great for kayaking .

The water is crystal clear and very clean. Super inviting for everyone and always full of swimmers.

There is still plenty of room for people to launch there kayaks if you choose too form this beach instead of the harbour area in St Ives.

The Island car Park St Ives

There is a fair size car park up the hill from the beach.

This car park fills very quickly. As does the rest of the town due to the number of tourists that come here.

There are clean toilets by the beach which is always very handy.

The ramp down to the beach is fairly steep but manageable for fit people. Those who may be a bit less athletic may want to move the gear separate from there kayaks.

You can at some times of the year reverse down to the beach
. Unfortunately, most of the sunny busy times of their year bollards are now in place which is very annoying.

Ramp to the beach

The ramp its self is concrete and grippy. Regardless of the weather, the beach ahs a gentle gradient to it so launching is a doddle.

Those looking for something more appropriate when the town is busy
. May want to check out the post on St Ives harbor.

This is a cracking little beach for launching your kayak or taking the family. Defiantly worth a look if your down this way.



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