Porthkerris Divers Beach Cornwall

Porthkerris Divers Beach Cornwall:

This is a bit of an odd place…

The beach appears to be “private” or at least behind a gate that “says” it’s locked overnight???

I didn’t have any issues getting in and went down hours after the gate was meant to be closed. The diving center had also shut hours before my arrival.

I’m not sure if this changes in the winter.

Staff at the diving center will be able to answer your questions

Call or email the diving center with any questions you may have.

sign next to the locked gate.
Panoramic view of the Porthkerris divers beach

Porthkerris Diving Beach is located just south of Porthallow Beach.

Porthkerris on the map

Camping electric hookups available on site if you want to stay.

There were quite a lot of tents and camper vans on the beach road in the camping spots.

You can also camp in the camping spots either side of the road down to the entrance gate.

On site there is a large diving shop, with all the essianetials for diving stocked.

diving shop
car parking above the shore line

Parking and facilities

Plenty of parking is available above the Stoney beach for plenty of cars and vans but don’t worry parking won’t be an issue at this location.

The road across the countryside and down to this spot, Are very tight with sharp corners.

There are not a lot of passing places so make sure your vehicle will fit before getting stuck or worse.

Freshwater is available on site.

There is a toilet block with showers.

toilets and showers

A kit wash is also onsite which is very handy for getting all the sea salt, dirt, and grime off your gear and kayak.

kit wash on site

The beach slopes off gradually into the water and is made up of rocks and cobbles.

The ground underfoot is firm and should be easy to pull your kayak cart to and from the water.

fishing on the beach

Porthkerris Divers Beach Cornwall

There are lots of people fishing from the shore, so care must be taken here to avoid the anglers and their lines in the water.

Plenty of space for boat trailers on the beach, so if you have brought one with your kayak on. You should be ok to leave it in amongst the other trailers already on the shore.

road off round the coast

There is a road that goes off around the coastline for about a mile from the diving shop. Past an old military building that is falling down and is derelict.

at the end of the road is a large metal warehouse building which is private so keep away.

You can camp and park all the way along this road and there is plenty of space for everyone without being cramped.

The water here is calm most of the time and the fishing is good out of the covered area of shore in the rocky areas around the coastline.

there is a working quarry loading onto ships around the corner of this area to the right so be aware of large ships in the area and there movements so you are safe at all times in your kayak.

I will be returning here in the sprinter twin Hobie motorhome when it’s finished as I really like the look of the place and that I can stay at the water’s edge with electric for a long weekend and not have to do anything other than fish.

Hope to see you on the water…



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