Porthallow Cove Cornwall

Porthallow Cove Cornwall:

This is another place I found “by accident” Whilst scouring google maps looking for places to launch by Hobie Pro Angler 14.

It looked good on the map so I went and had a look and scouted the area.

Panoramic view of Porthallow Cove Cornwall

Porthallow Cove is located on the right-hand side of Cornwall down towards the Lizard.

Porthallow Cove google maps image

This area of Cornwall is all still very “undeveloped” which is great.

You are truly in the middle of know where!

On this side of Cornwall and the roads are all very thin with lots of single tracks with passing places.

Tight turns twisting roads and beautiful villages.

To get to Porthallow Cove you have to follow some very tight roads up and down some steep hills.

NOTE: Be very careful in a wide or long vehicle and plane ahead checking the roads on google maps otherwise you might get stuck.

The Five Pilchards Inn Pub and Public Toilets

Car Park, Pub, Toilets

Behind the very large Pebble car park:

Is a lovely little cornish pub (The Five Pilchards Inn) serving hot and cold food and drinks?

Next to the toilets are public toilets which are fairly clean and the job.

The car park itself is very large and is split into two halves.
The right-hand side for car parking and the left-hand side for boats and trailers. With the cars and vans of the boat area users.

The car park charges are “VOLENTRY” and there is an honest box on the way in. I think it from memory “suggests” £2 for the day which is silly cheap.

I think its more than fair to chuck in a few more quid in than the £2 “request”, on the honest box for a day’s parking.

NOTE: If people do not pay anything at all.
The council will just install a poxy charging meter and the price will end up like the rest of Cornwall.

Abusing the parking fees and not paying “anything at all” Will not help anyone and in the long run, won’t help anyone.

another image of the car park
car park looking over to right hand side

Porthallow Cove Cornwall

The beach is very made of mostly flat cobbles and there is no sand.

These cobbles are very firm and smooth underfoot and should make launching on using your kayak cart.

The gradient of the cobbles is not to steep slopping off gradually into the clean clear water.

right hand side of Porthallow beach
left hand side of Porthallow beach

The water here seems to be on the calm and flat side most of the time, so launching shouldn’t be a problem.

Out of the cove, there are good fishing spots over the rocky ground.

A wonderful place tucked away in rural Cornwall.



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