Maenporth Beach Nr Falmouth

Maenporth Beach Nr Falmouth

This place is located down a long winding round not far away from Swanpool beach in Falmouth and is another lovely picturesque spot.

All the family is welcome here on the clean sand under the sun.

Maenporth Beach
Maenporth Beach

Maenporth beach:

It has soft sand down to the water’s edge and has a nice gentle slope for dragging your kayak down. The water is clean and clear. Fish can be seen swimming through the clear water further out, past the entrance to the cove.

Maenporth car park is FREE which is a novelty in Cornwall and the car park is right on the beach literally. In a 4×4 you could reverse down to the water to unload although your so close it might not be worth the effort.

Maenporth Car park

The beach has a nice cafe and shop in the corner of the beach serving hot and cold food and beverages at a reasonable price. There is also a fancy restaurant on the hill behind the car park.

Also behind the restaurant is a large set of holiday homes for rent through the summer if this is “your kind of thing” they might be worth a look if someone wanted to stay here and not travel around a lot.

Toilets on site are clean and close by.

Maenporth Cafe and Shop

The beach seems fairly quiet here but I’m sure will be like the rest of Cornwall.

I can see the car park filling up fast on a hot day when the weather is nice.

An early arrival as always is probably a good idea.

Maenporth Beach Nr Falmouth is a really nice beach with easy launching and lots of potential.

Worth a trip for a days fishing or maybe a long weekend.



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