Newquay Harbour and Beach

Newquay Harbour and Beach

Newquay is a great lively seaside place. It is a great place to go and stay and use the beaches and the great surf shops.

It can also be a great place to launch and fish from but there are a couple of issues before you jump in your car and head down with your kayak.

One of the issues with Newquay is nearly all year round its packed.

Especially in spring, summer and school holidays.

The second issue with Newquay is parking. As with a lot of the towns big and small around Cornwall parking is limited.

Newquay harbour and main beach
Newquay Harbour

The plus side to this is there IS LIMITED parking at the harbour but you have to be there before 6 am at the latest.

The earlier the better really to get a space.

Parking charges are reasonable and in line with the rest of Cornwall’s car parks.

You can, if you have a 4×4 reverse down the ramp to the water’s edge or park in the car park (before your precious space is taken) which is literally a hundred yards at the most.

The views are beautiful and the water is clear and clean once out of the harbour.

If you’re lucky you will bump into one of the seals that call the harbour home they are very friendly and will come over and say hello.

Newquay harbour

Newquay Harbour and Beach

You will want to come here on a calm day, as the waves can pick up quickly. Becoming quite large on a spring tide or strong winds.

On a calm day, the fishing close in and offshore can be fantastic.

Newquay harbour

Free toilets are on hand and there is a hose to wash down your kayak.

There is also a very small boat trailer yard which can be used for a small fee paid to the harbour master (if he is there or it’s free).

Newquay harbour can be launched from any time, but at very low tide you will be at the mercy of the sea. This is due to the water being so low the water is outside of the harbour. You will, therefore, have to tackle the surf to get out in your kayak.

If you are really “brave” or to be honest, a “little silly” you can launch from the beach next to the harbour. There is NO parking anywhere nearby and with the waves, it’s more trouble than its worth.

Obviously this is my opinion and others may feel differently. But due to the amount of gear and the price its costs, I’m not willing to risk flipping my kayak when there is parking, toilets, and a launch ramp literally round the corner.

Newquay beach and ramp to sand

Tight lines…


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