Senne Cove Cornwall

Senne Cove Cornwall

Situated at the most south-westerly point of the cornish coastline just up from Lands End.

A lovely little village tucked away in the hillside. There are shops and a pub with hot food.

car park situated at the harbour next to the lifeboat station.

The cost to park is £4 all day which is an absolute bargain, compared with other car parks in this area

car park

At Senne Cove Cornwall

Public toilets are clean and nearby.

Launching is down a steep concrete launch ramp in the harbour.

I think trying to pull your fully-loaded kayak up this slope is asking a bit much of anyone and its probably best to unload and pull you kayak up empty. Even better if you can get help from a friend

Once everything is wet and slippery this will become much harder and almost impossible.

As you can see in the pictures below.

The waters around this area, because of its location on the coast can be very rough and dangerous.
As a result, this area should only be tackled in a kayak by experienced paddlers and never alone. Always making sure you have all the correct safety gear with you and your VHF radio is fully charged.

Personally I would only tackle this spot on a very calm day with good weather forecast ahead.

Tightlines and be safe…


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