Priest Cove Cape Cornwall

Priest Cove Cape Cornwall:

Whilst in Cornwall this summer I came across this hidden gem, whilst looking new spots to launch my kayak to go fishing.

I came across this little hidden gem whilst scouring google maps.

Priest Cove is located at the end of a single track road and is off the beaten track somewhat.

If you didn’t know it was there you would drive straight past and never know you had missed it.

It has some spectacular views and is a beautiful place.

Priest cove

There is a road down to the launching area, which like most of the places in Cornwall is very very steep.

NOTE: Driving down the road without a 4×4 is probably not advisable.

If anyone does decide to tackle this steep slope, I would advise reversing down. As it will be much easier to rescue yourself if needed, facing the right way back up the hill.

Turning around at the bottom is extremely tight.

There is a national trust car park located nearby where you can park for the day.

view from the hill
road down to launch
launching ramp

Priest Cove Cape Cornwall

This launch is far steeper than it looks and there are lots of gnarley rocks to dodge when leaving or arriving the ramp itself.

It’s clearly possible by the fishing boats that are all still in use on a daily basis.

This is a picturesque little place and is very quiet.

Going by the large rolling waves and its location on the coast, I would say this launching spot is for experienced kayakers and locals unless you are lucky to arrive in a very very calm day.

If you are in the area, this spot is defiantly worth a look. even if it’s just for a picnic.



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