Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home Build (Fitting Skylight, Android Head Unit, Shelving, Armaplate security)

Sprinter Motor Home part 4:

After a few more parcels had arrived whilst I was at work. I had the next lot of items needed to continue with this build.

First off my 600mmx 400mm skylight arrived so I set about fitting this into the roof.

I knocked up a wooden frame to go round the skylight on the inside of the van. Then it would be ready and to hand when the skylight was in.

The last thing you want is to be trying to make this frame fit after the skylight is covered in silicone.

I didn’t want any mucking about trying to do things whilst the silicon was setting.

I taped and marked up the roof from the inside.

So I knew it would be central when fitted between the steel roof supports.

Next was to drill from the inside out in the 4 corners.

I then climbed on the roof and taped up between the 4 drilled holes.

Using a 1mtr steel rule to mark the four sides between these drilled holes ready for cutting.

I used then finest tooth, good quality jigsaw bits I could find

Cut along the line on the roof of the van till the square was cut out completely.

Sprinter Motor Home part 4:

Next, I used an engineer’s file and took all the sharp edges and any burrs off around the cutout.

Then with some silver Hammerite, I painted the edge of the steelwork around the cutout and let it dry.

I put two coats on to be double sure it wouldn’t rust.


Next was the test fitting the skylight.

Make sure it was a good fit and it would gently pull down on the ridges in the van roof.

I then sanded the shine off the underside of the skylight and roughed up the surface to get a good key.

Sprinter Motor Home part 4:

Then smothered the roof with a very large line of CT1 Grey sealant all the way around the square cut out on the roof of the van and then another on the skylight.

I wanted to make sure I had way more than needed and worry about wiping off the excess CT1 later.

Stick the skylight in place and climbed inside and fitted the wooden frame with more CT1 sealant, taking no chances this would come unstuck or leak!

Next, I attached the plastic clips and gently pulled the skylight down on to the ridges on the van roof by hand with a screwdriver.

NOTE: Be very careful not to over tighten the screws in the skylight.

When the CT1 sealant goes off and sets you will never get this skylight out, nor will it leak its probably one of the strongest parts of the van now.

I quickly then climbed back up on the rook and with some soapy water and plenty of rags, cleaned off all the excess CT1 sealant and cleaned up the roof leaving a reasonably neat finish (not that you will ever see it)

I then let this set for a few days and got on with the next job

Run in Cable:

Next, I took 10mins to run in some 2 core 1.5mm cable through the Copex I had previously installed ready for the lights.

I ran these down through the pillar behind the driver seat and out the bottom through some more 25mm Copex.

Next, as I did with the rear partition I cut a piece of ply and cut a groove in it to support the next partition I was going to install between bed 2 and the hob/sink area.

I insulated the roof as before with Kingspan insulation board and a layer of foil bubble wrap insulation spray glued in place then installed the piece of ply in place.

Next, I marked up and cut the partition and a shelf to go above the sink/hob area.

I then cut them out and test fitted them before the final fitting. Screwing it all in place and using 20mm x 20mm x 3mm aluminium angle to hold the bottom of this partition in place.

Shelf in place:

Above partition and shelf in place.

next, I moved on to fitting a new head unit as the one in the van was not up to the task.

I went for a specific sprinter fit android head unit from Xtrons. Who is a well-known brand that makes very reasonably priced head units, that have all sorts of features you won’t get on a factory head unit.


Sprinter Motor Home part 4

So I removed the original head unit and started setting up the next one. I installed a new GPS power ariel, with DAB and Fm all in one.

I plugged in my Alpine reversing camera and run in new speaker components to the doors and dash, adding extra cables from the rear outputs to go to speakers that will later be fitted in the shelf above heads in the cab.

I run in all the wires and added Xtrons android car play and an extra USB lead in the dash for USB memory stick or another phone.

I then set about tuning in the radio and setting up the head unit so it worked as I wanted and reinstalled all the dash I had to pull out to fit all these wires.

Lastly, for this post, I started to fit my Armaplate door handle plates and anti-drill plate had all arrived (one for each door)


So I set about fitting these which is straight forward enough if you are competent with tools and have the courage to drill holes in the doors.

You do not have a lot of room for error so if anyone is not 100% sure they can get this right first time I would advise getting a company to fit these so if they bugger it up they can pay for new doors.

I will do the rest of the doors at a later date as this takes concentration and patients and cannot be rushed so I’m doing one at a time for now.

In the next post.

Storage shelf above heads in the cab

Filling sanding and painting

Fitting speakers in shelf

Fitting Smev 8821 sink

Thanks for reading.

Harley @ ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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