Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home Build (Windows Frames, Insulation Roof Lining, Fitting Batteries, and More)

Sprinter Motor Home part 3

Next, I had the fun job of trying to work how to make a neat job with the windows…

The windows in this van are factory fit and have no trim or plastics around the windows like you would expect in a multi-seater or bus etc…

I didn’t want you just wrap “manky” carpet around the steel bodywork or paint it either, I wanted to try and find a way a further insulating around the glass and hide it all behind some nice wooden window frames.

As you can see above, I used 9mm ply to make the frames and I insulated behind them with plastic recycled bottle insulation from the previous posts.

These were affixed with silicone to the glass using CT1 sealant and screwed into the walls. The window cutouts in the steelwork are not actually “square”, the windows have a very “slight” diamond shape giving you two different angles in the corners of the windows. Meaning the measurements at the two ends are completely different to make the boxings fit “square” I guess this is just becuase “nothing in life is ever simple or easy”.

Sprinter Motor Home part 3

See above, the “finished” window frames around the two large windows on the driver’s sidewall. (These later will have all the screw heads filled and sanded down then a coat of nice shiny paint)

After completing this side window, which seemed to take forever. This always seems to happen when making it up as I go along.

I decided I needed a break on moved on to something else…

Next, I decided to soundproof and insulated behind the headlining. So I took the headlining down and affixed sheets of Silent Coat to the steelwork, heating them and rolling them on at the end.

I then spray glued plastic recycled bottle insulation over the top of the Silent Coat and covered with a layer of recycled foil insulation. Finally, l taped all the joints to form a vapour barrier.

See above, pictures of completing this and headliner refitted

Whilst I was completing the refitting of the headliner my 3 x 130ah 12v batteries arrived by courier, so I decided I would fit these next.

These would be fitted in the bottom box within the “spare space” the boxing either side of the wheel arch had given me. once they were in place I wired them all together to make one large 390AH 12v battery bank.

These will then be attached to a set of the solar panels later in the build so I will have complete off-grid power available.


Sprinter Motor Home part 3

Once the three batteries were all wired together I wired in a 230volt (20ah 12v battery charger). I will be adding 230v electric hookup to the van also to cover all bases and all situations. If a site has a hookup might as well be able to use it.

After these jobs were completed, I had to “return” to the poxy window frame on the passenger sidewall. Luckily this wall only has one window, as the other one is in sliding door.

This was going to be the most challenging window of all, due to needing to box in “far more” of the window. The kayak boxes covered the bottom of the windows on the driver sidewall.

Also, I needed to incorporate the shape of the door opening so when its all finished it doesn’t look a pile of “crap”.

The pictures above of the not quite finished window frame, but a good start has been made.

next, I test fitted the mattress

Double mattress in place.

At this point, I then had a measure up and decided to move the rear partition back 6″. This was not easy but needed to be done to create as much room as possible in the living area.

Adjustments Needed:

Adjusted boxes and partition 6″ further back.

I then drilled some 25mm holes and fitted some 25mm Copex, this would allow me to run the wiring for the lights through the roof supports. Above the insulation protecting the wires from the sharp bodywork of the van.

Next task, insulate the roof above where the next partition would be going in between the two bed areas.

After fitting these partitions it created a tiny window in my “bedroom”, which is going to be fun to try and stick a curtain over.

Tiny window.

Finally, I cut to size and screwed down aluminium angle, (dimensions 20mm x 20mm x 2mm) this will help hold all the partitions in place.

In the next post…

Fitting the first skylight
Fitting an android head unit
Armaplate security handles.

Thanks for reading…

Harley @ ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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