Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home Build (Insulating The Walls and Building The Kayak Storage Boxes and More)

Sprinter Motor Home part 2

On completing the previous works.

It was time to get on with insulating the walls.

Then start building the storage boxes for our Hobie Pro Angler 14’s

After the soundproofing was complete.

Next is cutting 50mm Kingspan sheets (for lower walls and 30mm for upper walls where the 50mm won’t fit).

Solid insulation board pieces cut to fit in the walls.

Each piece needs cutting as accurately as possible, so as much of the void is filled with Kingspan as possible.

Kingspan is the best insulator available for this project.

I used blobs of CT1 silicone and high temp spray glue to hold the
Kingspan to the van walls.

Around the edges of the cut Kingspan sheets. There will be gaps (which are inevitable). Because it is just impossible to fill every “nook and cranny” with the solid board.

I stuffed these gaps with the recycled plastic insulation that was mentioned in the last post.

Then a sheet of foil bubble wrap insulation, finally taping all joints with foil tape.


insualted and foil taped

Sprinter Motor Home part 2

I then decided I did not want the two windows at the very rear of the van. These would fall “half in” and “half out” of the rear storage space.

I cut a sheet of 50mm Kingspan to the shape of the window. Covered it with carpet with spray glue.

Once the spray glue had dried. I put a few blobs of CT1 silicone around the edge of this finished board. I glued it in place over the window to cover it up.

Giving it a good layer of insulation.

I held this in place whilst it dried with some strips of the batten. Also using an offcut of plywood screwed to the wall of the van.

Once this was dry:

I continued to insulate the van by removing the batten and covering the walls with a layer of silver foil bubble wrap insulation.

Taping up the joints with foil tape as I went along to create a vapor barrier keeping the warm in and the moisture from getting to the outer skin of the van.

Next, I started fitting the plywood back on the walls which would be inside the Pro Angler 14 storage boxes so I could start the bottom box build.

Once the plywood was securely fitted to the wall I could start to make the bottom storage box. As I “was” and “still am” building this van as i go along this were not as straight forward as i thought and many bits were changed, cut and modified. Untill the outcome I required was achieved and i was happy with the end product.

Sprinter Motor Home Build:

To start this, I made the outer frame around the kayak whilst it was on its cradles.

I then knew it would fit with the box being as “small” as possible, whilst still allowing a little “wriggle room” for when bouncing about on the road.

Also making sure I could get the PA14 out without it rubbing the box walls.

Once I was happy the box was a snug fit I removed the PA14 and carried on building the box.

This bottom box needs to be as strong as possible whilst not being too heavy as I don’t want the build to eat into my payload too much.

I boxed in around the wheel arch which gave me a handy space for the leisure battery (x3) up the front and some small spinning rod storage in the rear which will be seen later in the build.

Once I was happy the bottom box was correct, it was time to cover with sheets of 18mm plywood.

After the bottom box was fully covered (except for ends atm). It was time to start the upper box which would be moved over against the wall as there was no wheel arch in the way.

This would in turn give me as much space as possible and a step inside the van as the beds are going to be above these boxes.

Next stage:

At this stage, I took some time to ply some more of the walls and cover the other window up using the same method I did for the other side.

Next, I added “aside” to the side of the top box which would be the base for a double mattress across the width of the van, at the very back in front of the rear storage area.

We left the plywood in the very front “long” and took it all the way up to behind the driver seat to give a small worktop with sink with grill.

Insulating the ceiling above where the rear partition would be and cut 3x 18mm plywood strips. I cut a groove in each of these strips and mounted them in the roof to help support the rear back partition to my bed and hold it in place.

Boxing in the wheel arch at this point and got another job out the way.

I then cut out the plywood partition for behind my double bed and fitted it in place screwing it along the bottom and using CT1 in the grooves above.

As you can see above from the rear:

The bottom box is full length and the second box above is shorter on top.

This is so when Jacks PA14 is not “inside it”.

I have plenty of storage space and my paddleboard can live inside the top box. It out of my house and out the way.

Sprinter Motor Home part 2

To the left of the kayak storage boxes, is where the toilet area will be.

This area will be a little cramped.

but as the whole build will push the limit of what can be fitted inside a sprinter van.

We will endure and overcome this minor issue, there is genuinely more space than it looks.

Once this was all done I climbed up on top and moved around to make sure that it was solid and didn’t need any more support before moving on with working out how to box in the windows and add some nice window frames.

Next window frames and boxing in.

Stay tuned for more


Harley @ Proanglerkayak.fishing

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