Sprinter PA 14 Motor Home Build (PURCHASING VAN)

Sprinter Motor Home purchasing:

So to start…

I consulted Jack (Although I wouldn’t have listened if he didn’t agree on this one).

To see what he thought about the motor home idea.

I do a lot of pike fishing and I hate to get up early in the morning.

When it’s freezing cold, in the dark and get dressed in damp clothes stuck in a bivvy covered in ice.

So building a camper van with heating and lights, I had already sold this idea to myself and had made a plan in my head.

I looked around at the largest vans on the market. I wanted something fairly specific and I already had in my head 4 things the van must-have.

1. Air Conditioning
2. Auto Gearbox
3. Biggest diesel engine available for the van I chose
4. Cruise Control

I then looked at the total inside load area (width, length, and height). The maximum permissible load (total gross weight). Then reliability and cost to repair.

Once this had been taken into account lastly was to see what was available in my price range.

I decided on 3 vans to look at further, the Iveco Dailey (new shape), Mercedes sprinter, or a VW Crafter.

The Iveco Dailey vans that were for sale at the time, were all coming from companies.

This meant they had no extras and were very basic in spec.

The VW Crafters all seemed to be very basic spec no matter who previously owned them (company or private).

Sprinter Motor Home purchasing:

So a sprinter it was then…

I looked around for quite a while waiting for the perfect van to pop up for sale.

After a couple of months, a silver extra-long wheelbase 3Ltr V6 auto sprinter with all the bells and whistles appeared online for sale.

It was priced very reasonably and after missing out on a few vans previously as they sell within a matter of hours of being listed!.

When I saw this one I bit there handoff and arranged to collect it the next day.

see pictures from add below.

This one had all the bells and whistles, the nice gentleman who owned this before myself must have walked into Mercedes and said: “ILL HAVE ONE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE”. It also had very low mileage and “NO RUST”.

It was almost too good to be true, touch wood I’ve had no issues yet so I’m lucky and managed to find a genuinely good quality sprinter.



Harley @ ProAnglerKayak.Fishing…

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