New Arrival 20lb 4oz Sturgeon

New Arrival 20lb 4oz Sturgeon

On the 5/6/2020 we welcomed a new arrival to our pond.

New Arrival 20lb 4oz Sturgeon

We have named him “Big Barry” and he is very welcome.

“Barry” has settled in nicely amongst the other fish.

After a 3-hour drive to his new home here. He got some much-required rest before being introduced to the pond and his new friends.

“little barry” my small sturgeon is following him around and is much more active now he has a much larger more confident sturgeon to follow around in the pond.

He is approx 35 years old and has pretty much stopped growing according to his former owner.

I’m not so sure but we will see if he gets and bigger in the near future.

“Big Barry” was weighed upon arrival so I can keep a check on his growth and health.

New Arrival 20lb 4oz Sturgeon

He weighed a healthy 20lb 4oz

Both “Big Barry” and “Little Barry” are fed to quality sturgeon food from Heritage Pond Foods (see link above to purchase)

He is very dark in colour on top with a clean bright white underside.

“Big Barry
came from a pond less than half the size of mine. so I’m very happy to have been able to rehome him and he now has more than double the amount water to stretch his fins out in.

I’m sure he will be very happy in his new home for the foreseeable future.


If he does grow much bigger, I will rehome him in a family member’s ornamental lake (NO FISHING AT ALL).

I don’t want him cramped at ours like he has been for years.

For now:

He seems very happy and is hand-feeding from myself and the kids which is great.

Everyone who comes round is shocked at how friendly he is.

“Big Barry” is a real prehistoric gentle giant.


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