Savage Gear Aqua Guard Gloves

Savage Gear Gloves

I saw these in the Savage Gear catalog and decided id give them ago.

These gloves are meant to have great anti-cut properties, So they are great for filleting or chopping baits for predator fishing.

Savage Gear Aqua Guard Gloves:

The ultimate protecting glove keeping you from getting hurt when fighting the fish.
Soft strong fabric mix of 60% polyester, 30% nylon, 10% Elasthan
Coated by a crinkle latex coating
Cut resistant level 5
Salt-water resistant eyelet O-rings
Equipped with strong 3kg magnet with 2 carbine hooks

I bought a pair of these in a size XL. Which are my normal gloves size and I very rarely ever have any issues with glove fitment?

My Fox Rage gloves and other gloves I own fit perfectly.

But these come up very large and I should have bought a size large.

Please bear this in mind when purchasing these for yourselves.

Savage Gear Gloves

They come standard with two carabiners and a magnet system.

This is a great design feature from Savage Gear,
and should be incorporated in more gloves on the market.

Basically you attach the very strong magnet to the kayak, your boat, or bag. Then attach the gloves.

When you need them in a hurry, You just grab hold of them and pull them off the magnet and stick them on. Very well thought up indeed.

They don’t cover the back of your hands completely and are not very warm in cold weather.

Although I don’t think this was the idea behind these gloves when being designed.

Its something to bear in mind, if trying to buy one pair of gloves to everything.

All in all, they are a good pair of gloves, I prefer my Fox Rage gloves for an all-round pair of fishing gloves.

Where these will come into their own, Is when preparing lots of cut baits.

For sea or pike fishing without chopping off your fingers off in the waves.

I recommend these gloves, But be careful what you want your gloves for. Also take into account, What you will be doing whilst wearing your gloves.

These are a bit of a 1 trick pony. Chop baits, take them off “repeat” use them again later for the same task, etc…



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