Hobie H-Crate and Soft Cover

Hobie H-Crate and Soft Cover

Whilst others “Including Jack” would like to save money and build their “Own” kayak crate for the back of their kayak.

I decided to purchase a Hobie H Crate and the optional Hobie Soft Cover.

Everything Hobie in the UK has an over-inflated price, Compared with the USA prices.

This is nothing to do with our shops or Hobie Europe. It is to do with the ridiculous import taxes and duties, Getting things from America.


Being lucky enough to have a couple of work colleagues, Who live in the states and come over to the UK every couple of months.

I asked one of them to purchase these in the USA and bring them over with them on their return.

I paid £120 all in for the H Crate and the Soft Cover.

Which is a great saving, If you know anyone who lives in the USA?

Maybe have a shop around and see what deals there are to be had?

If not, unfortunately, you are stuck with the over-inflated prices here in the UK for the foreseeable future.

So the Crate is a good size and is collapse-able and folds down to basically nothing.

Although I very rarely see when this would be a good thing as it is always full of good stuff.

Hobie H-Crate and Soft Cover

The softcover is a great add-on feature especially if you are in the sea, “just in case” You turn over or anything happens.

Nothing will be lost from inside you Crate.

It zips and unzips nearly all the way around, Giving maximum access to the vital accessories hidden inside.

You can get plenty of tackle in your h crate, It has more than enough space for all the essential kit you will need on your fishing adventures.

It features 4-rod holders in the corners, With integrated elastic rod holders to stop your beloved rods falling out.

More can be added if needed with ease. It is a good strong plastic construction with aluminum carry handles.

You get four tie-down straps as standard, For clipping the fours corners down. This means it won’t move an inch even it the worst weather.

It has four corner feet, That are made of soft foam to reduce wear of your kayak and help with it to grip whatever surface it is sat on.

I really like this crate and softcover, I think they are both very good products from Hobie as to be expected.

The price for these in the UK is a bit of a joke, After seeing what you can buy Hobie products for in the USA.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this, Other than like me try to save where you can.


I would recommend this crate and cover to anyone looking for a stylish, Handy well-made product.

That will last and that will set off the look of the back of your kayak.



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