Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT2 Rod 7′ 15-50g

Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT2

The Savage Gear Bushwhacker 15g-50g was the second, dedicated lure fishing rod I bought.

I can’t remember what I paid for this when I purchased it, As it was a few years ago now.

I believe it was around the £60 mark. Which for a Superb quality spinning rod is a very reasonable price indeed.

I will do a review on the Butch Light Trigger Rod I had before this in another post.

It has a standard single locking reel seat. A well-sized Duplon grip under the reel seat, And a very nice cork butt with savage gear logo butt cap.

The butt section of this rod has been well crafted and the end design is superb.

Giving an incredibly user-friendly end product.

This blank is super light. Without a reel, This rod would weigh basically nothing.

Paired up with ISX 30W this makes for an incredible all-around setup, Which you can carry and cast all day without knowing you have it in your hands.

The rod blank has very good action and is stiffer than you think.

In relation to casting weights bigger than 50g, With no problems at all.

Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT2

The XLNT 2 has long, 2 legs eyelets. I believe these are the last of the Savage Gear rods to have these eyes, All newer models have moved to three legs for strength.

Don’t let these fool you they are incredibly strong and are not a weakness in any way to this particular rod.

I have had no problem landing big pike and dragging smaller pike out of beds of weed with this rod.

The tip ring is the only 3 leg eye on this rod and gives extra strength where it is needed.

This rod really has had some abuse since its purchased and it still works today as well as it did when I purchased it a few years ago.

I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another one of these if a good second-hand one came up.

A great all-round rod, and another beautiful creation from the guys at Savage Gear. Highly recommended to anyone.



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