Okuma Inspira ISX 30W Spinning Reel

Okuma Inspira ISX 30W

When I started pike fishing many years ago.

Trying to use one rod and reel for everything, To save money was the thing to do.

Now many years later and with much knowledge under my belt, I take a different approach to my fishing and make sure I have everything I need to make life as easy as possible.


So when I decided to start pike fishing a lot more, I knew it was time to change my gear.

I bought a selection of different spinning rods, All as light as possible, and what I decided was the best available at the time.

Trying to make sure the amount of gear I carry is kept to a minimum. When out scouting the river bank all day this is key.

So I needed to find a selection of reels that would help to achieve this.

Finding this reel in the Savage Gear catalog. I decided to buy one and give it ago.

Choosing the Ispira ISW 30W, Which is the middle of the sizes between the smaller 20W and the larger 40W.

I now own 5 of these and have one on each of my current spinning rods that I use.

They are so versatile I can use them for any type of lure fishing I want. They are all loaded with the same 60lb Berkley Whiplash Pro braid.

I have paid a range of prices, As I picked these up over the last few years from £50 to £69.99.

Always far less than the RRP by shopping around online.

Okuma Inspira ISX 30W

These reels are super light and very well-made. They retrieve at just the right speed and are fantastic in every way.

I have caught pike to mid-twenties on these reels with no issues at all. They hold plenty of line for the longest cast or deepest of water.

The drag has carbon washers as standard and will lock up no problem with a turn of the drag.

If you order one from the USA you can get it in blue colour if you prefer, but I like the look of these.

The white on my oldest reel hasn’t gone yellow or lost colour, And the silver really sets the reel off on the rod.

They look as good as they work, And they work better than you would expect.

It has a nice strong handle with a firm, but soft Duplon grip. Which feels very nice in the hand. It’s not too big nor too small.

Okuma Inspira ISX 30W

I will at some point buy an Inspira 40w When the time comes and I need a slightly bigger reel but as it stands that time has not arrived yet.


These are very good reels as you would expect from Okuma. It works better than expected and is a pleasure to use.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good spinning reel that will last the test of time and handle anything you throw at it.



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