Savage Gear Multi Purpose Predator 2 Mpp2 Spin Rod 7’3″ 100g

Savage Gear Mpp2 Rod

It was time to purchase another pair of spinning rods.

Tending to always buy all my rods in sets, For whatever particular type of fishing, I’m doing.

I really dislike having or seeing other people with loads of individual rods (just look naff).

These new rods bringing my total to 3 (at the time)

I turned straight to the Savage Gear catalog, without a second thought. Their tackle is outstanding in every way and also great value for money.

I wanted a pair of much stronger rods than my original Savage Gear Bushwhacker spinning rod.

So I could cast some much bigger lures I have in my arsenal, That I wasn’t happy casting on my lighter rod.

See my other reviews for the bushwhacker series reviews.

I have not owned one of the new MPP2 rods yet so these were my first trial to see what I thought about the new design and rod range in general.

I bought the 7ft3″ <100g normal (not trigger) rods.

Straight out the rod tube. I thought these were a nice new, Fresh, Sleek design. With the orange bands and shiny finish.

Savage Gear Mpp2 Rod

It is good quality, lightweight blank.

I have found the Savage Gear rod range to be nearly indestructible, They really are as good as I say.

I don’t rave about their products for any reason other than the fact they are spot on.

The handle section is Duplon with a cork butt cap, Its features a double locking reel seat.

The handle is well constructed, Nicely finished, and feels great in the hand.

The rod features 3 leg eyes which are an upgrade from the previous models of Bushwhacker they only featured 2 leg eyes.

These new guides are super strong and set rod off with its end finish.

The end tip is very strong and robust with plenty of backbone where needed And a lovely action throughout its length.

All in all, these are great value for money and come in a few pounds cheaper than the other models like the Bushwhacker series.

I do prefer the other rods they are a bit MORE??… If you know what I mean, but you get what you pay for as always.

For a great value all-round rod, These are brilliant. They are super light and strong, They look the part and perform as such.

I am very happy with these rods and enjoy using them thoroughly.

I would recommend these to anyone who wants a cheap and well-made rod, But if you’re looking for a little MORE “you know what I mean”.

I would recommend the Bushwhacker series of Savage Gear rods they are outstanding!



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