Daiwa SL30SH Multiplier Reel

Daiwa SL30SH Multiplier Reel

After purchasing my Savage Gear Nordic Big Game rods, I needed a pair of super-strong, reliable multiplier reels to go with them.

There are 2 different sizes in the range depending on what needs the reels for.

After much research, I decided to go with a pair of DAIWA multiplier reels.

SL30SH or slosh as there known

After loads of research online and reading countless reviews, These reels came up time and time again.

Constantly at the top of everyone’s recommendations with the best reviews.

As I own a set of very expensive Daiwa tournament big pit reels, I know they make very good quality reels.

As a company, Daiwa is at the top of the list with very few other reel brands when it comes to being the best.


SL30SH Multiplier Reel

These are a very versatile multiplier reel and very well constructed with high-quality materials, To a very high standard.

As with all Daiwa reels which have to meet a very high standard of construction which us anglers have come to expect.

Daiwa Sl30SH

Another reason I went for the Daiwa SL30SH is they come in “left-hand” wind, Like a normal carp reel which I thought would be better for me being new to using a multiplier reel.

Plenty of line capacity

I chose to spool mine up with 80lb braid instead of 150lb mono.

I much prefer braided mainline for most fishing and you can fit far more on the spool, keeping the reel size down and thus reducing weight where possible.

Daiwa SL30SH

Multiplier Reel

It has the option of a nice quiet turn of the handle, Or with the Ratchet engaged it makes the most wonderful noise when winding up the fish from the depths.

The drag is very good and can be tightened to nearly locking up whilst being hung on by Jack.

So should fare well against some big old warriors hopefully.

The reel also locks into the reel seat on your rod. It
has a clamp with 2 stainless screws to”bolt the reel on”.

Meaning there is no chance of it falling off when fighting the biggest fish.

It’s not too heavy and very user-friendly and lovely to use out on the water.

I would recommend this reel.

Its a great piece of kit and I can’t wait to test it out against some monsters on one of our adventures we have planned.



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