Daiwa GS 3000 LTD Fishing reel

Daiwa GS 3000 LTD

Upon purchasing a pair of Chub Stalking Rods. I needed a pair of reels to mount on them.

As these were predominantly going to be for carp fishing I looked at Daiwa’s range of smaller reels to see what they had, That would fit the bill.

I found the Daiwa GS LTD Range consisting of two-reel sizes,

The 3000 and 4000.


At first glance with its striking gold spool, Hardwood handles, and Shiny black paint job it certainly looks the part.

This reel has style and is beautifully designed. Another outstanding work of art from Daiwa.

GS 3000LTD
GS 3000LTD

Daiwa GS 3000 LTD

The reel is super smooth with a great gear ratio, Retrieving line a super speed.

The 3000 model is light and great in the hand. It works better than you would expect and exceeds all expectations.

GS 300 LTD

The spool holds plenty of line and the drag works very well, allowing the user to control the heaviest of charging fish.

Daiwa GS 300 LTD

It comes standard with Daiwa’s folding handle, Which is a great design and I much prefer it to the old screw-type folding handles.

Its quicker, cleaner, and easier to use.

GS 3000 LTD

Like the rest of the reel, being totally honest.

This reel is a great piece of design and engineering from Daiwa, Coming in at a very reasonable price for a reel of this quality.

So much, so I bought three Daiwa GS 4000 LTD reels for other rod setups I have.

I will do a review of the GS LTD 4000 shortly, Although it’s going to be the same as this one lol.

To sum it up, This is a great reel for a great price. This reel does everything you would expect and more.

Doing it well at the same time. Also, looking “the dogs dangly’s” at the same time.

I Highley Recommend this fishing reel to anyone looking for a small carp or pike reel.



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