Savage Gear Denim Wader Trousers with Built-in Socks

Savage Gear Wader Trousers

Following on from my Savage Gear Sneaker Wader Boots Review.

So these are the eagerly awaited Savage Gear Denim Wader Trousers with sewn-in socks.

To start:

A quick they are NOT actual denim.

Before anyone panics and thinks they will soak up loads of water and be completely useless.

wader trousers

I bought these in my normal size. They come up a little long and a little large.

Which is good as it takes into account sitting down, Without the elasticated waist and built-in belt from pulling down when sat down in the yak.

belt clip

The elasticated waist and belt is a good comfortable fit and has a nice large clip that even the coldest of hands will be able to fasten.

They feel very well-made in the hand and also look great quality as well.

The fabric is excellent and I believe these will last a long time and take the abuse thrown at them that comes from kayaking in general.

logo of savage gear

Savage Gear Wader Trousers

trousers from another view

From the rear, they look very smart as from the front. They have plenty of padding and make a great pair of trousers, With or without any under trousers.

There’s lots of room in the legs means you never feel constrained and pulling on the built-in slippers or pulling your trousers down when moving about fishing.


On the rear pocket, these smart trousers have the savage gear logo which adds another nice look to the trousers

Rear pocket logo

The built-in slipper socks are super comfy and a great fit. They are well padded and good quality as with the rest of the trousers.

These fit really well into the savage gear wader boots. Without everything being squashed or wrinkled up. Making sure you are comfy at all times.

Built-in slipper socks

Wader Trousers

If you look at the picture below:

The trousers have build-in flaps, Sown in around the boots which is an excellent bit of design by Savage Gear.

This means you pull up the “flap” put your boots on or wellie’s, Whatever you are going to wear.

When you are comfortable and your boots are on properly you can pull the flap down.

Hiding the top half of high boots or wellingtons making the overall end look of the end-user wearing the trousers look much better and very smart.

Lift up trouser flaps

Not essential, But shows the great designs and deep thought that goes into the ever-expanding Savage Gear product range.

This is why their products are up there with the best without a shadow of a doubt.

Slippers with trouser flaps down

Overall these are a great product and I would recommend them to everyone looking for a pair of waterproof trousers. I’m sure these will turn out to be exactly what I was looking for.

I can now launch in shallow water and small waves without the need of a drysuit, That once on is nearly impossible to get off out on the water.

Drysuits also cost a small fortune, And I was concerned may lead to me overheating.

On a day when the temperature is mild.
These are ideal so the wearer does not get wet, first thing in the morning trying to launch your kayak.



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