Savage Gear Sneaker Wader Boots

Savage Gear Wader Boots

After much debate between myself and Jack, About investing in drysuits which are ridiculously expensive.

Also, the fact that I hate being too hot and sweaty and not knowing if I would actually want to wear a drysuit all day.

I started looking for an alternative for freshwater angling and good weather sea angling.

As we don’t venture out to sea in bad weather (id rather be tucked up in my bedchair carp fishing when the weather is poo).

Front side

Savage gear Wader Boots

I stumbled upon these boots which are made savage gear (nearly all my predator fishing stuff is). I knew these would be great quality and well-made.

With a lot of thought when designing their products regarding the day-to-day use and that they would endure lots of wear and tear.

With the end product being as good as possible for the end-user.


The RRP is £99.99 which I did think was a bit steep at first thought.

But after much debating inside my head and aloud, I realized that this was probably a fair price compared to other items similar online.

These Savage Gear Sneaker Wader Boots are designed to be worn with waders or waders trousers.

They look smart and are very comfortable to wear.

I opted for a larger size to take into account the wader slippers and socks for keeping feet nice and warm in cold winter water.


Light and Comfy

They are nice and light and seem very well-made, obviously time will tell after some abuse on and off the bank.

Front offside

They have drain holes in the bottoms, To let the water out once back on dry land or in the kayak.

Drain holes

They also have loads of tread on the bottom.

Which should provide excellent grip when out in slippery and mankiest of ground.

plenty of treads

In the end, I opted for these to use with a pair of Savage Gear Wader Trousers with built-in socks.

Which I feel will suit my needs better and will be covered in another review



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