Savage Gear MPP2 3LB 10ft Baitfish Fishing Rod

Savage Gear MPP2 Baitfish 3LB 10FT

After spending many years using carp rods for pike fishing from the bank and 6ft spinning rods for live or dead baiting from the kayak.

I decided to treat my self to a pair of new rods.

Savage Gear MPP2 3lb 10FT Baitfish dead Bait Rods

MPP2 Baitfish 3lb 10ft

Being 10ft, These rods would give me extra reach without being too long for fishing from the yak. It has plenty of backbone with the 3lb rating, But not too much.

This rod is far more forgiving than my 13ft 3.5lb Nash NRXD carp rods as an “example”.

They are also incredibly light, As well as being super strong and robust.

These rods look the part straight from the rod bag, As I have come to expect from any Savage Gear Product.

Savage Gear MPP2 Baitfish.

Savage Gear

The Savage Gear MPP2 Baitfish

They come in a well-designed rod bag with a Velcro strip down the side so you can “leave your reel attached” and they are “ready to fish”. Which is a great design feature.

Handy rod bag


These new rods have super strong 3 leg eyes from bottom to tip and also add a great look to the end product. As well as obviously making it better for fishing in every way.

Super strong eyes
Looking great
Well-designed tip eye

Teamed up with a good solid reel, This rod is more than capable of handling any of the biggest of freshwater predators found in the UK with no problems at all.

The butt section has a double locking reel seat with a Duplon handle, Which is not to thick nor to thin for the end-user.

With a cork butt cap setting it off with a great look at a very reasonable price, For a rod of this quality.

There are many other companies out there charging twice as much for their rods with very little more or nothing to offer.

I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great value, Well made rod. With plenty of backbone for casting the heaviest of baits or huge lures.

But flexible enough to have loads of fun playing even the smallest of predator fish.



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