PENN Spinfisher v 4500 Reel

PENN Spinfisher 4500 Reel

Whilst tackling my dilemma of starting sea fishing and choosing tackle I needed a pair of reels to go on my Okuma boat rods.

I decided to go with a pair of PENN Spinfisher v 4500 reels

PENN has made excellent reels for as long as I can remember, so I found a guy selling a nice pair on eBay at a reasonable price and purchased them.

The latest Penn SpinFisher VI series reels come in 9 different sizes from 2500 to 10500.

They are solid construction and all-around a good reel and very well made.

PENN Spinfisher v4500

PENN Spinfisher 4500 Reel

When originally on sale these reels retailed at around £120 each.

As they have a few newer versions available now I cannot find a spec for these older models.

They still work as well as the day they manufactured.

The drag still locks up solid if needed, There is no play in the handle at all and the bearings are as smooth as the day it was made.

After a hard life of being chucked in the sand and in and out of saltwater sometimes never getting rinsed off for weeks at a time.

I’m very impressed with how well these have to cope with the abuse and neglect they have received.

Spinfisher v4500

They have lovely gold and black paint job which has stood the test of time.

Spinfisher v4500

It has a very comfortable size handle arm, A good retrieve speed, And a nice soft reel handle.

Which is also a good size to get hold of when struggling in the waves.

Spinfisher v4500

PENN Spinfisher 4500 Reel

The spool holds plenty whether its mono or braid, More than enough to be frank.

I have 40lb braid loaded on mine and it does the job a treat.

All in all, these are very good value for money product.

These are not the cheapest reels new but soon come into their own.

When they outlast all the other reels on the market that are falling to bits.

After a few years and these are still going for years to come.

Highly recommended and a great all-round reel from PENN.



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