Okuma Classic Boat UFR Rod

Okuma Classic Boat Rod

Upon deciding to start sea fishing from my kayak a while ago now I had the hard task of trying to decide what tackle to buy to start out.

I have been Carp fishing for over 20 years, So have fairly good knowledge of all that is fishing related.

I wanted to buy a pair of short strong rods, That was fairly cheap in case I didn’t take to it, Or they were lost at sea when learning the ins and outs of launching my old kayak.

So after much hunting, I found these online.

Okuma Classic Boat UFR Rod 6ft 2 sections, 20-30lb class

Key Features

  • Shaped Japanese EVA Handle
  • Okuma Quality Reel seat
  • Okuma Gimbal but cap
  • Quality saltwater resistant components
  • Mixed Carbon quality blanks
  • UFR strengthened blanks
  • Strong rod bag

Okuma Classic Boat Rod

Okuma has made great fishing products for years, So knew I couldn’t go far wrong with these.

When I saw the price I nearly fell off my perch. I paid £34.99 each for these rods what a bargain.

They are perhaps a bit overkill for most other fishermen at 20-30lb class, but I like nice stiff rods and have always used the stiffest carp rods I can buy.

That’s just the way I like to fish.

These rods have a very soft action and even playing the smallest of fish is great fun when teamed up with a good strong spinning reel and some good quality braid.

Okuma boat rod

For the money they are a great looking rod and very well made.

3 leg eyes are nice and strong

The rod has triple leg eyes from butt to tip and is very strong.

EVA foam grip

It has an Eva foam handle which is a nice size for a good firm grip and also has a gimble butt cap if needed.

Well whipped on eyes

All the eyes are well whipped on with plenty of varnish

Nice orange tip section

The end of the rod is orange which is a nice touch to finish it off.

Overall these are very nice rods And a lot of rod for the money.

Just because they are very reasonably priced does not mean they have skipped on the build quality of these fantastic boat rods.

I highly recommended these to anyone looking for a great boat rod on a budget.



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