Savage Gear Salt Nordic Big Game 6ft 3″ Travel Boat Rod 20-50lb

Nordic Big Game Rod

Straight out the rod sleeve these are worth the RRP without a shadow of a doubt as they are amazing rods and the build quality is excellent for the money.

Nordic Big Game Rod

Nordic Big Game Rod

After trying my hand at sea fishing from my kayak, Jack and I have caught a few fish and had a good time out in the waves.

As I changed my job a while ago, I have not had to go on the trips we were thinking of going on.

These have been put on hold for the moment


Anyway, I love a challenge and don’t just want to catch small fish. I want a challenge, So on this basis decided I would buy some much heavier tackle.

So I had it ready for when the trips finally happen.

In the pipework:

Spain for Monster Catfish

France for Big Carp

Cornish Coast for Sharks, Conger, Tuna, Tope, etc…

Scottish lochs for common skate


Anyway, I wanted something with some real backbone that would handle anything that was thrown at it whilst also being fun to use.

As you will see on our website nearly everything I own at least is Savage Gear.

Their products are the best around by a mile. So I looked into their line of big game rods.

I bought a pair of 30-50lb rods the lightest of the options available, as even a huge skate should be fine as it will just pull me about in my kayak.

Nordic big Game

Savage gear

These savage gear rods are a thing of beauty

Amazing build quality

Nordic Big Game Rod

The eyes are oval and really strong, They have been whipped on with precision and really show off the quality or the rod.

Super strong eyes

The butt has a double locking reel seat and a Gimble butt cap.

The rod tip is super strong but still has a good action to it.

End tip

The rod comes in a neat travel bag and packs away to bugger all, to be honest.

As with most Savage Gear rod bags now it has a Velcro side to allow you to leave your reels attached at all times when not fishing.

Rod bag
Velcro side

I have caught a few small fish on these when I took them out and tested them and my new multiplier reels (see review post Daiwa slosh reels)

But nothing substantial at all as yet.

These are a great addition to my collection of savage gear rods and will come in very handy when I finally get time to get on the road and try them out.

The build quality of these rods is amazing and second to none. They are as light as a feather.

If you hung it on the wall it would be a work of art, these truly are beautiful rods.

I would recommend these rods to anyone looking for good quality, Light, Super strong boat rod at a very reasonable price



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