Camo 2018 Hobie PA14 Review

2018 Hobie PA14 Review

My review of my 2018 Hobie worlds pro angler 14 kayaks.

As per my about me page and kayak set up. I purchased a camo Hobie 2018 Pro Angler 14 from the Hobie Cat Centre in Pool.


After owning a 2016 Hobie PA14 in Papaya Orange for a couple of years. I was very impressed with how good these kayaks are.

As per “most” normal anglers I have an obsession with camo, When Hobie decided to release a Camo PA14 I decided I must have one.

They also invented 180 Mirage Drive which I also decided was a must-have, once any initial design issues had been ironed out.

Camo 2018 PA14

2018 Hobie PA14 Review

I have been looking for a newer PA14 for a while now. They are pretty rare in the UK so don’t come up very often and hold their value fairly well.

So when this came up online I bit their hand off. It had been used for the 2018 Hobie worlds in Sweden for 3 days then returned to England with its former owner in as new condition.

Anyway, it was for sale for a reasonable price so I got in contact with Steve at the Hobie Cat Centre in Poole who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and whizzed down asap and collected it.

On the day of collection, it happened to be the Poole boat show so I went for a look around and to have a chat with the guys from Raymarine before going to the Hobie stand to meet the guys from the Hobie cat centre.

We had a chat and talked about returning at some point for a fishing trip with them. It was then time to load up the PA14 and start the drive home.

PA14 from the rear

2018 Hobie PA14 Review

So it had a power pole on the rear which would have been really handy, But as I want to fit a custom transom mount the same as my old Papaya Orange PA14 Jack now owns.

It also had a Lowrance fishfinder. Between myself and Jack, we have had 3 different Lowrance models, They have all been the best part of “crap”.

So I removed this and replaced it with a Raymarine Element 7HV which is an amazing piece of kit for the money.

So this model has the new tracking Skeg and new Mirage Drive 180 with ST Turbo Fins.

The drive works flawlessly changing from forward to reverse in the pull of the lever.

The GT drive is much easier and nicer to use than the old drive and reduces the pressure on your legs on a long day kayaking.

It really is noticeable and a great improvement it the design of the drive.

The Hobie Pro Angler also turns on a dime without the Skeg down. With the Skeg down the PA14 tracks very well inland or out at sea in the chop

2018 Hobie PA14 Review


The newly designed front hatch seal is also a great improvement and shows Hobie is making changes requested by their end-users.

This seal works much better than the old one, out at sea in the waves the old design let in way too much water. The new design has kept all the water out so far and I’m very impressed.

The seat design hasn’t changed and really doesn’t need to. It is as comfy as sitting at home on the sofa, Or on my bed chair. You can sit for the longest of sessions out on the water and not be uncomfortable or get a sort back at all.

The color of the kayak is amazing and it looks even better when out on the water. Especially when you’re hidden out in the sticks along a riverbank.

It has two steering handles and steering risers, Which make steering a doddle, But they can get in the way a little when trying to climb back onboard out at sea if we have been snorkeling or diving.

180 drive with st turbo fins


You will read all sorts of reviews online saying this kayak is not the for the sea. Being an inland craft only, Which is true to some extent. It is very wide and buoyant, So in waves can make seasickness worse than a smaller or more sliming craft. That would cut through the waves instead of sitting on top of them as the PA14 does.


Jack and I have had these out in the sea off the Essex coast and the Cornish coast (both sides) in very very crap weather with no issues at all. The craft is more than capable as long as the user is in control of what’s going on.

Even the best piece of kit is useless in the hands of an idiot.

Loading pro angler 14

The Hobie PA14 is a large and heavy beast whilst on land, Which may put some people off.

I can load my PA14 on the roof of my Vivaro or Navara pickup truck and or, On to my custom kayak trailer. By myself without any issues.

It is worth a little hassle or struggling with its size and weight, Then less by someone with a light small pile of crap. Once the PA14 is in the water it is a nimble and speedy, agile craft. It is truly is a pleasure to use and is worth every penny spent.

These kayaks are a premium price but are worth every penny and the customer service is second to none on Hobie products.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any Hobie kayak to anyone, They are the best kayaks on the market without a shadow of a doubt nothing else comes close at all.


I will be looking out for a new PA14 with 360 drive when they have been fully tested and any design issues with the newly designed drive system have been fixed

Thanks for reading…



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