Wroxham Broad River Bure 07.12.2109

Wroxham Broad River Bure

After our last trip to Pitsford Reservoir.

We decided to head back to the broads, Which we have fished many times in the past before we started this website.

I Have caught a fair few Pike on the broads in different locations over the years, from the bank and from my old kayak which unfortunately was a pile of rubbish and won’t be featured on this site LOL.

We set off mega early, so we were in the water for first light. The weather was dry And the water was calm, Which was a bonus after all the rain we have had this December.

We set-up in Roy’s car park in the center of Wroxham, Which has a launching area for kayaks.


Setting up kayaks for our days fishing
Nearly ready to go

Wroxham Broad River Bure

Wroxham Broad River Bure

Once we were ready and the ruck was locked, We headed to the launch ramp which is about 30 – 50 yards from the car park.

Off to the launch ramp

Around the launching area the ground is nice and firm and the grass short and kept in good condition.

The launching area is all decked out and very smart. The water at the launching area is around the 2ft mark, Which is about as shallow as we like to go in our yaks.

Yak in the water ready to go.

Wroxham Broad River Bure

We got the yaks in the water and double-checked we had everything we needed for our days fishing. We then jumped in our yaks and off we went.

Knowing there was a bridge we had to go under to access the main river. After the last trip to Pitsford, myself and Jack were not really on good terms with bridges in general or the idiots who designed them and make them so bloody low…

Anyway, we were sure this bridge would be better, and we could wiz under it and off we would go.

The bridge doesn’t look to low

Wroxham Broad River Bure

Wroxham Broad River Bure

This was not to be the case, This bridge is so low we barely made it under it.


The bridge is about eye level

To say the least, we were not impressed. All rods had to be folded right down and camera booms retracted.

Necks folded at 90degrees, Our backs bent to near destruction and patients tested instantly to the max.

So we made our way under the bridge and out on to the main river.

We had brought our dead baiting gear this time and a selection of dead baits, As well as our spinning gear.

We decided to cover the ground 1/2 mile upriver, Then head down through Wroxham and its boatyards and out the other side of the town.

Heading a mile or so downriver and working the surrounding water as best we could.

Lovely morning on the water
Jack leading the way


We spend about an hour and a half just upriver from the car park in an area only accessible by watercraft, Looking for any shoaling silverfish the pike might be following.

Having a few casts on the spinning rod
Trolling a few lures around

Once we have covered this area well and we’re sure there was no hungry Pike about, We headed down the river through the boatyards.

Stopping periodically for 10 – 20 mins in each spot dead baiting And having a few casts on the spinning rods.

Another bridge! this time a proper one
More trolling between spots
Think ill have a little spin here

I was amazed after all the rain and cold weather the amount of local boating “People” (we shall call them to be nice), There were out in force this time of year.

This meant dead baiting in this area was nearly impossible, With a boat trying to take out your lines every 5 mins. Which grew very tedious very quickly.

They clearly don’t like fishermen around here very much.


For every A!$E H&%E, There were some very pleasant people who slowed down avoided lines, and said hello.

Thank you to these people!!!

Sitting under our foe “Bridges”
Bit of dead baiting here
Moving to the next spot

Boating people

Once we had enough we of the boating “people”, We headed down river a little more to try to find a bit more water and fewer boats.

This did actually work, and we found some spots where the river was wide enough for everyone.

Boat free water YAY
Time for a quick wee
Nice bit of open water
Bit more dead baiting

After trying everything we could think of but downriver was proving to be very hard.

My self and Jack have not fished this specific stretch of water before and it was not turning out to be like the other areas we have fished and done well in the past.

After a discussion, we decided to head back upriver and try the other side of Wroxham again.

As I have done well further up the river on the other side of the town.

Heading back through the town
Nearly back past the car park
Large pike jumped in front of second bridge support
Dead baits out we are both moored up with one of our CUSTOM MADE PARK N POLES
Custom Park n Poles available to order


Wroxham Broad River Bure

After seeing fish moving we were a bit disappointed to not get even a knock on dead baits or any of our lures.

We moved upriver again, We decided for the last couple of hours we would go for broke and cover about 3/4 of a mile between us.

Covering the water as best we could, leaving no overhanging bushes or undercut banks “UN SPUN”

Time for another wee
Milk anyone
Stretching the legs
Dead baits out

I had a knock on spinning rod with a savage gear Real Roach lure.

After a few recasts, the fish seemed to have gone. Upon inspection, the lure had the tiniest of bite marks and was clearly a jack pike.

Probably only just big enough to try to take the lure.

Finally a bite

Finally a bite

After about 30 mins I got a very slow and cautious bite on my right-hand rod.

The float bobbed and then made its way slowly upstream. I fed an outline to match the fish’s speed for a while (I only use single circle hooks to avoid deep hooking).

I patiently waited for the float to disappear or shoot off, But no such occurrence here.

Worrying after quite some time now, The fish “might” swallow the hook completely (definitely a no-no, id rather lose the fish).

So I wound down and put some tension on the line (circle hook no strike needed), The fish pulled for 10 – 20 seconds and let go of the dead bait (a large smelt in this case).

Which was a bit annoying, but that’s fishing.

After inspection of the smelt, it was clear this was either the same or another very small jack pike.

We carried on as the light faded and I got another bite on my spinning rod. Still with no fish really hitting the lure.

Just a slow lethargic nibble from a fish that was trying to eat a bait way to big for it and giving up.

That was it for me. Jack had even less luck with no bites at all, all day. Another very slow trip.

Ready to get out and head home

Got milk?

After talking to some of the locals fishing the banks, They said it had been like this for the whole “past” season or two (which is worrying).

With the occasional reasonable size fish coming out. But this was becoming rarer and rarer, Which is a real shame.

This seems to show the real effect of overfishing “normally” by idiots who have no idea how fragile these prehistoric fish are.

Also, the real care they need as with all other fish species in our rivers systems for them to thrive.




RING THE POLICE (they have to respond by law) OR THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY.

See you on the water



Anchored up for lunch
Moored up for lunch
Lunch time!

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