ProAnglerKayak.Fishing Custom Park N Pole

ProAnglerKayak.Fishing Park N Pole

This is a quick post showing how to build a custom park n pole.

Park n poles are available to buy in the UK but most are imported from the USA and not quite as robust as I would like.

They also retail at silly prices one from the Hobie catalog is £179.99 and is fiberglass. We decided this was ridiculous and I set about building our own to a high spec from quality 316 stainless steel.

You can follow the steps in this blog post and make your own


We can make you one to suit your needs:

Prices as follows:

8FT 2 pieces 316 stainless park n pole complete £80

8FT single solid pole 316 stainless complete £70

EXTRA 3FT extension sections 316 stainless steel £45

If anyone is interested please email us in the contact section, and we can discuss your needs and requirements. Payment will be through PayPal on eBay only.

So to get started these are the parts required:

parts needed

ProAnglerKayak.Fishing Park N Pole

Pack of M16 nylon washers

Length of M16 316 threaded rod ( not in picture )

M16 x 50mm internally threaded joiners

Alloy bar end handle grip 300mm long

End spike machined from 316 billet

3x 3ft lengths of 1″ 316 tube

machined spike
end spike
more parts
end caps

Custom Park N Pole

First, insert the spike into one end of the tube

weld here

Weld around outside. Drill and weld either side then grind down and clean up

grind here

welding needed

buff here


Cut down the M16 threaded rod 3x 100mm long

rods go in couplers

At this point make sure that you insert and weld all the joiners correctly (you do not want to try to get this apart after welding)

You will want:

The end with the spike to have a female socket on the other end.

The middle section to have a threaded end and a female end

The handle section to have a threaded section.


Screw the rod into the internal joiners

weld here

Weld the ends of three of the joiners

and here

Drill and weld two of the sides of end you have just welded

weld here also

Insert these into the tube ends and drill and weld then grind down and clean up tube

more spots welded

See above the M16 316 washer is used to make sure the two faces are square when welding joiners in.

drill and weld here

Custom Park N Pole

Next push the joiner that is going to be the female end into the other end of the tube and weld as above and grind down and clean up.

Do this until you have the required sections as stated above

Once this is done and the pole has completely cooled down insert bar end to top handle section and slide 300mm rubber grip down.

attached rubber grip to handle

buffing needed

Now put the buffing disk in the grinder and clean up to a mirror finish

buff here
nearly finished

See below the finished product

completed pole
shiny and rust free
ready for shipping

Thanks for reading



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