Rigging Jacks Ocean Prowler Big Game II

Rigging jacks Ocean Prowler Big Game II

Where to start here hey??

So before we ended up owning Hobie pro angler 14’s.

We started off from the bottom with what one can only describe as junk.

I sold my junk and went straight to the Papaya Orange PA14, Jack now owns.

Jack decided went a different route and bought a big game II.

Which to be fair is a very good kayak, But not by any means a PA14.

This kayak has been rehomed now

But we thought we would do a build guide on it.

As I can’t stand to leave anything alone and have to modify everything I ever touch, we set about turning his normal yak into a petrol-powered beast.

Jack with his BGII

Rigging jacks Ocean Prowler Big Game II

We started off by fitting a Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder.

Many problems were had to try to get this fish finder to work properly, turned out to be a faulty transducer.

An anchor trolley and made a custom anchor set up which I will cover in another post.

Fitted a paddle clip and cut in a new hatch in the back of the yak.


We then set about adding a Honda 2.3hp short shaft outboard engine with an external fuel tank.

Filling bulb and retrofitting the foot support pedals, so they turned the engine giving you a hands-free trolling and fishing system.

After much fiddling about, we decided the tank which was in the back was pain and offset the balance of the yak too much.

So we stored it in the front hatch to balance the weight out a little.

Running the fuel lines internally to keep them out of the way when fishing.

11Ltr marine fuel can in the front hatch
Fuel line coming out of kayak with filling bulb to motor tank
motor fitted to custom stainless transom mount with steering lines connected
Motor fitted

Custom Throttle

Rigging jacks Ocean Prowler Big Game II

We then set about working out how to make a custom throttle and emergency kill switch extended to the seat of the yak.

Work in progress
Finished throttle with kill switch

We were very happy with the end result and this worked very well.

A set of pulleys was fitted, to allow the user to raise the motor for landing but we decided it was unnecessary and took it off.

Fitting an extended pull cord, so the motor could be started from the seated position.

Everything could be done without having to get up and turn around when waves were crashing about.

Test Day in Cornwall a long way from home

See pics below of fished kayak. Enjoy…

I hope you have enjoyed this post on rigging jack fishing kayak.

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have about the build and we will do our best to help.



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