Kayak Fishing Pitsford Reservoir 17.11.2019

Kayak Fishing Pitsford Reservoir 17.11.2019

So it’s been a while since our last trip. Day to day life taking priority as always keeping us from the finer things in life. LIKE FISHING!

Anyhow, I digress… So after much frustration from not being able to get out on the water

We decided to plan another trip. We planned to go to Pitsford Reservoir (For the first time). To try and target some Pike and maybe a big Perch or two.

The weather was mild and dry which was good
. The weather forecast had been appalling in the lead up to our trip.

We arrived as the gates opened at 7.30 am and started to get our kayaks ready for a day’s fishing.

Getting ready to fish Camo PA14
Getting ready to fish Papaya Orange PA14

After loading all the gear known to man on our yak.

We hit the water just after 8.30 am as you have to queue to pay at the tackle shop.

Go to the tackle shop for launching and fishing permits and fill in various forms. With all the other anglers (all using Pitsford boats)

Prices are a bit steep in my opinion, But isn’t everything these days?.

Launching: £12

Day ticket fishing £23

Pitsford res

Kayak Fishing Pitsford Reservoir

When purchasing the tickets we were told that the top end of the reservoir was closed.

We could fish anywhere we wanted the other side of the bridge.

No one made any effort to tell us where the said bridge was.

But after watching the other guys race out in the hire boats in became clear!

NOTE: The bridge was designed for Ant-Man and would remove the head of Bilbo Baginns if he did not duck on his way through!


HELP! low bridge ahead
half way through
nearly out the other side

Kayak Fishing Pitsford Reservoir

Once carefully making our way through the tunnel of love, Which happens to be about 12ft (3.66 meters) wide and 28ft (8.53 meters) deep!!!

We set off down the main lake towards the tower at the far end trolling as we went.

The idea behind this being that we would zoom to the other end and fish our way back so there was no rushing around at the end of the day.

The other boats spread themselves out all over the reservoir picking their spots, and we trolled around them making our way down the main body of the reservoir.

We decided to stick with lure fishing for this trip (which proved to be a bad choice) but live and learn hey.


We trolled down keeping an eye on the fish finder to look for some good spots which proved hard to find than I first thought.

Pitsford is a large body of water but with the mirage drive, it does not take long to make your way around it.

Around the margins of the reservoir, the water slowly drops off and is very even (as you would expect from a man-made pit).

There were still a lot of weed which made life harder for us and hiding easier for the fish.

Pitsford res

We spotted a fair few trout swimming around on the surface which was a good sight but proved to be the only fish we saw that day.

We trolled and cast lures all over the reservoir from the weedy margins to the clean bottom out in the middle around 30ft (9.14 m) deep.

Raymarine Element 7HV in action

Time ticked past, and we at no point gave up, But that time came when it was time to head back to the launching spot next to the car park and get ready to go home.

Launching and car park
Launching and car park

We had tried every lure in our arsenal and tried every spot we thought looked “Pikey” but to avail.

They were just not having any of it, There were a few Pike that came out to dead baits and one to a guy fly-fishing for the Pike, but nothing of any size.

To sum it up we had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed our selves.

It was nice to get back out on the water and the rods in the water, and we will be going back at some point in the future for sure.



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