Fish and Duck Marina Ely

Fish and Duck Marina Ely:

The fish and duck Marina is Located just outside Ely.

This little gem is tucked away at the end of a very long private single track road. you will find very friendly and professional staff and people here.

It’s lovely and quiet and kept very clean.

The prices to stay and use the facility are very reasonable. The prices to launch are also fair although I feel for a kayak and not a boat one price for the weekend would be better.

I don’t make the prices so here they are as follows

£5 a per tent per night

£5 a day to launch

Camper vans and tourers also welcome with electric hookup showers and toilet facilities that were warm and clean.

Launching is easy, you can drive right up to the launch ramp.

The launch ramp is concrete with a roughed service (not smooth) so it’s not too slippery when wet underfoot. Although I would watch out for sunken weed and algae as this is always a hazard and makes everything very slippery.

the launching ramp at the fish and duck marina

Fish and Duck Marina Ely

fish and duck marina website

This is a great little place with lots of parking. There is a large flat grassy area for a picnic if that’s your kind of thing.

This marina gives you direct access to the main stretch of The Great Ouse leading to and away from Ely. The water here is a uniform depth most of the main river and is fairly wide.

Make sure you watch out for the morons in their expensive boats who ignore all the speed restrictions, going past as fast as they can because they think it makes them look big and clever.

Most of the users of this river are friendly and considerate, but as above watch out for the few who aren’t.

There are also a lot of people fishing from the banks which need to be considered. We all have to fit in around eath other.

Keep an eye out for people fishing illegally (you can normally spot them a mile off). They will normally be in a big group, with lots of kids, and clearly have no idea what they are doing. If you suspect anyone taking fish or see anyone doing anything they shouldn’t

Please call the police they now have to respond by law!

Also, inform the environment agency.



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