The Big Game II, Road Trip & Fishing Lake Windermere

Road Trip, Lake Windermere Kayak Fishing Big Game II

So after using my first fishing kayak about twice! (The HMS Crap).

I knew there and then this was something I was going to enjoy and it was time to purchase a proper fishing kayak.

After some searching, I found an Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II on the Bay (eBay).

Once I found it my conversation over the phone with Harley, went something like this:

Jack: “I found a kayak mate, just sent you a link, what do you think?”

Harley: “You do know that’s in Scotland right?”

Jack: “Yeah? Oh, Right! A bit far away then shame” (I hadn’t checked the item location)

Harley: “When we leaving”

Jack: “Really??”

Harley: “Yeah F$#T It, it will be fine. Might as well make a road trip out of it”

Jack: “Where”

Harley: “Anywhere ill have a look”

Jack: “Sweet” (Short and sweet always and no place is too far away)

Road Trip, Lake Windermere


looking online at places to go and fish on our way back from picking up the BGII.

Harley wanted to go to lake Windermere, So that’s where we decided to go.

2 nights
booked (Friday to Sunday) at Low Wray Campsite.

Low Wray Campsite is located on the bank of the very north-west corner of Windermere.
After booking Low Wray Campsite.

We realised, We didn’t have any way of putting the BGII on the trailer that Harley had been building for his PA14.

There was now a mad rush, To build something that would attach to the trailer he had already built.

So We could at least transport the BGII home safely.

Done in record time and with a lick of black Hammerite, Good to go.

As normal Harley took the lead and checked the fluids and diesel’ed up the van.

I gave our friend “Tom” (TOM TOM) our destination in Ardrossan Scotland, Whilst he (TOM TOM) did the hard work and loaded up the traffic.

Road Trip, Lake Windermere:

After loaded up plenty of cans of Monster and attached the trailer on the back with the Papaya Orange PA14 on the back.

This was going to be a long round trip but worth the effort in the end.

Leaving early on Friday morning and began the long day ahead.

When we arrived on the bank of Lake Windermere at Low Wray campsite it was late afternoon, And we checked in ASAP. The campsite had only just opened for the start of the season, So was very wet from winter still.

Half of the path from the car park to the pitches were underwater. So we had to take a long way round to our pitch.

We chucked up the Kampa Carp Air Bivvies, Then it was back in the Van to race up to Ardrossan, Scotland.

To collect the Big Game II before it got too late. Then turn straight round and get back to Low Wray for some well-deserved sleep before fishing in the morning.

The Drive:

The drive between Low Wray and Ardrossan was much nicer than the drive from home to Low Wray.

The countryside and the fresh air was great and getting away from cities and cars made a nice change to.

Scotland snow on the mountains
Snow on the Hills

Road Trip, Lake Windermere:

We arrived at Ardrossan and our second destination of the day and had a quick chat with the “Nice” Guy selling the kayak (who was a complete plonker).

The kayak on the other hand was in great condition and a real bargain, So we paid the “Nice” man and drove off quickly.

We arrived back at the Low Wray campsite in the early hours of the morning Around 1 am.

After driving from 8 am in the morning non-stop till this time I was rather “F$£!ED” and decided it was time for some sleep.

The great thing about this campsite was, That we were pitched on the water’s edge in one of the best-located pitches on-site and could leave our kayaks in the water overnight, Though I think we slept with one eye open.

Kayaks loaded on the trailer
Yaks on the Trailer

In the morning we awoke early to a spectacular view and wasted no time at all in launching the kayaks and getting some rods out.

Vieww of Lake Windermere from the bivvy
Looking out the bivvy door
Lake Windermere
The view doesn’t get much better than this

So the new BGII came with: (CLICK BELOW TO VIEW AND BUY)
12v 75AH leisure battery
A Minn Kota 50LB Trolling Motor
Top of the range trolling motor mount!
Lowrance Elite 3 X
Deluxe Paddle

Road Trip, Lake Windermere:

This was a great deal and came at a good price… Regardless of what I’m about to write, Sort of reviewing the “Handy Work” done by Mr. Nice Guy (AKA The Engineering Expert).

To start, Ummm where to start…

Try this for a motor mount (See Below)

Big Game II Bed Leg Bodge
A Bloody Bed Leg for a transom mount!

GCSE Woodwork???

So using all his wisdom and skills in GCSE woodwork. He decided to bolt a wooden bed leg on to the rear rod holder mounts of the yak, for a transom mount.

This is ideal if you become lost and need some dry firewood. The black paint should help it start to burn no problem.

He also decided that hanging the motor on the side was a great idea. This turned out to be true, As you go round in circles and you can’t get lost always returning to where you started.


The wiring from the motor to the 12v car battery, Needed to be robust and up to the task of carrying safely all the electrical currents for full power and quick response from the powerful Minnkota outboard.

He solved this by borrowing some cable from his Nan’s toaster to wire in the motor. He even managed to use all 3 cores of his 230v house cable even though a car battery only has a plus and a negative.

No crimps, terminals, or even a choc block insight, The best way to connect your cables, Is to just twist them together and add some tape (super safe).

If you wanted a fish stunner this is the yak for you.

We spent ages trying to figure out why the Lowrance Fishfinder wouldn’t work properly.

Fishfinder issues:

As the papaya orange PA14 already had a working Lowrance HDI 4 installed we knew something was a miss.

After much playing with the fish finder, we started to get a bit frustrated with the whole thing.

Especially as this is all made increasingly harder by going round in a circle whilst being mildly electrocuted by his super wiring.

When I purchased the BGII I asked the “Nice Guy”, Why the transducer was stuck inside the hull with 24 tubes of mastic.

He assured me that this was a special transducer that would work through the hull!.

Even though we knew that wasn’t the case

Due to the fact It had a mounting point for being under a vessel and in the water.

We entertained the “Nice Guy” and thought we would just relocate it at a later date.

Hoping it would at least work a little bit, Whilst on our short trip on Windermere but didn’t get our hopes up due to the above knowledge we had on mounting the transducer properly.

If we had been using the great intelligence of the “Nice Guy”, in hindsight we could have filled the hull with water then the transducer might have worked properly.

After finding out it worked really well when you turned the throttle to full power.

I will never forget, turning the motor on full power and the fish finder lighting up with what appeared to be hundreds of fish below in the murky depths beneath us.

This is great for people with no expectations of catching any fish or thinking you are in an empty puddle with no fish in sight.

A quick turn of the motor “FISH EVERYWHERE YIPPEE”!

Big Game II on Lake Windermere
Beautiful summers day

Running Joke:

This became the “running joke” of the trip, Harley would ask if there were any fish on my finder.

I’d answer “Nope” then rev the motor up and reply “Oh yeah there are loads”

(The transducer never did work after getting home and trying everything)

which was a shame but at least we had a good laugh”

So as for the fishing trip itself

we had a wicked time although it was freezing (literally) at night.

The pair of us are geared up for the cold when carp fishing etc.

Having to get up and get dressed first thing is not the same as laying in bed chairs waiting for an alarm to go off.

The first day we just got used to our kayaks and done some exploring and trolling around the margins.

I did have one small pike (turned out to be the only one of the quick session)

Jack holding a Pike in the Big Game II
Windermere Pike

Staying out as long as we could in the winter sunshine, But no more hungry pike took our lures.

So we got some sleep we woke up to a misty morning.

Pro Angler on Lake Windermere Sun Set
Another misty morning.

Early Rise:

Waking up early and got out on the water ASAP, Eating breakfast as we paddled out.

Trying all we could and covered some different ground from the previous day. But no more pike want to take the lures we were using.

We tried our best in the short time we had.

On new water of this scale, the end result was to be expected really.

Time to get packed up the yaks and headed for home…

Kayaks loaged back on the trailer
Ready for home

Road Trip, Lake Windermere:

All in all, we had a wicked time If you ignore the rushing around like headless chickens.

Having some great laughs at the “Superb Engineering” that went into to mods on my BGII, That we swiftly ripped off on returning home.

(see Kayak Builds and Mods for our attempt at some proper modification I think you’ll be impressed).

Big Game II on Lake Windermere
Out on the water

A return trip to Windermere in the future is definitely on the cards, For a longer session with all our dead baiting gear.

So we can have another go and catching some of the elusive lake Windermere pike.



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